Zero grazing system at the Harpur Farm in Bessbrook

Zero grazing system at the Harpur Farm in Bessbrook

Criminal .... must be banned immediately..... irish are even eating horses the best friens .... sick minds
Have any problem using brest feeding?
i like this bejnesh😘😘😘😘
Those cows are in disgusting shape.
What kind of grass that is
Amazing cow
good sir nepal

What are the advantages of Pakchong1 Super Napier ?

The main advantage of Pakchong1 Super Napier are
1. Pakchong1 Super Napier is the only variety in Asia giving highest crude protein (14-18%)
2. Pakchong1 Super Napier can give yield of 200 Tons per acre per year which makes it as "King of Napiers" in Asia.
3. 180 Tons per acre per year means a dairy farmer can easily rear 15 cows in one acre of land.
4. Farmers can save huge money because of high protein content (14-18%).
5. Highly suitable for silage because Pakchong1 Super Napier has WSC 18 (water soluble carbohydrate), so no need to add any additives while making silage.
Jenenge suket apa yah,what is name cow food
Even the herd looks happy.
Attt jiii
Nitesh kumar
Soooo good
Very Super
Dinesh Dhangar
tameti ni kjeti
هذا المصنع بمراعيه لا يكفي حاجيات مدينة من الحليب ولم نقل بلاد وتصدير للبلدان المجاورة
I like working cow farm

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