Zero grazing system at the Harpur Farm in Bessbrook

Zero grazing system at the Harpur Farm in Bessbrook

Wow amazing
oder do it
How can anyone look at that and say it's right? The body language of those gentle beasts going to be milked dry for absolutely nothing but pure greedy profit.... Humans deserve the illnesses and deseases they get from consuming intense farmed anything. This isn't farming. This is greed in every form. Why do you need to make a cow pregnant to force it to produce milk, then force it to live in an excrement covered concrete building to do nothing but eat so you can milk it until it's too knackered for anything but glue, hand bags and cheap beef burgers?.... MONEY. It's sick
Welcome you
, 🇧🇷 👏
How much feed one animal
my deram
Suresh achara
Who told u that they don't get vitamin D
verry nice I love it's
Very good job
será q é melhor da o capim colhido do q solta as vaca
We are exporting dried rice straw which is material for feed and mushroom farm.
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Oh wow Israel! You are great.
so nice farming
هاي بأي دوله

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