Zero grazing system at the Harpur Farm in Bessbrook

Zero grazing system at the Harpur Farm in Bessbrook

It’s a business I bet if one of your parents owned one of these you wouldn’t be on here talking shit but basking in the money yeah it’s messed up but who’s right or wrong will always be the question
Communist freedom.
ماشاء الله
thank you vare nice
hai i want to join this farm
they have these all over michigan too, poor things never come out, its sd because they could give them a few acres to be out of the ammonia and crap, this is disgusting practice
चित्र 👍👍👍👍
The great work i love this field
Wow that's amazing man
excellent work
very nicee and good work
Funny the music sounds the same as the death scene from Soylent Green: Erie connection, in the Soylent Green death scene he see nature for the last time.
No place to lay down really poor cows, would you like to on your feet all day, ridiculas !!!!
Bon travail👍
Hahaha... Ms. Greedy
Very nice

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