YogLabs - Blind Date - Valentine's Day Special (50 Shades of Honeydew)

YogLabs - Blind Date - Valentine's Day Special (50 Shades of Honeydew)

Janine and Simon are such a Cute couple.
fucking tom, oh my god
14:40 hA Lol I didn’t realise what he was talking about until the hand grenade
I'm pretty sure Zylus would have been a better match, Am I right?
Tom breaking through the ceiling and spawning in Jenine was the funniest thing ever! XD
Lmao tom doesn't even have a skin
Did anyone notice that there is a smiley face on top of Simon's helmet? It's really cute and reflects his personality great!
Probably one of the greatest yogscast vids ever
She’d put ye cock innit

Wot? •~•
I would get us a SLAPPUH MEAL!
Im crying at that ending
God i miss this series
This is hilarious!!!
And here we meet the ever glorious Tom.
Ah, so Tom entered videos here, eh?
22:19 is the funniest yogs moment for me along with the belt below santas ass LMAO
bens randomly comes through the roof
this is still my favorite video from the yogscast of all time
Oooh Saucy!
Ohhh tom was the one that placed the pig!

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