YogLabs - Blind Date - Valentine's Day Special (50 Shades of Honeydew)

YogLabs - Blind Date - Valentine's Day Special (50 Shades of Honeydew)

Oooh Saucy!
Ohhh tom was the one that placed the pig!
22:19 is still one of the best yogscast moments by far.
Ooooh! It's Black Mirror - minecraft edition XD
Miss yoglabs! Please make more!
Should have gotten Turpse to be the announcer or Hat Films. Would have be amazing
I remember the day this video came out 😭good times
Three years, feels like it was yesterday! Thanks for all the laughs throughout the years! :)
I remember when this came out
11:05 (06 really), you can see Tom open his inventory
I forgot to comment on Wednesday but I watch this every Valentine’s day to remind myself that I’m just as good Corvax- I can’t get a date either! Poor Corvax....
I died when tom came down
Never gets old 😂
Three years ago. God damn it, I feel old.
Oh that was the best!!
2018 Valentine's day ?
That’s the Yogscast I remember and love!

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