Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Yet another cattle loading video.

Yet another cattle loading video.

How many cows did he get on the trailer?? I lost count
How long dose it talk to master this herding cows
How many cows a pan you fit in there
Have you ever tell on your cattle
Man I wanna do that stuff I mean I wanna be a farmer!!!
Those are small, need to make one on fat cattle they are funner to load
this loading "technique" is pretty clever
uh ok?
Looks like he has done it a time or two. Nice and smooth.
Its a shame treat them like shit and process them for billions. But that will change very soon! Humane Farm Animal Act 2020 going to pass!
Love the music choice
That trailer is like a puzzle. So many doors and compartments and hinges. Unbelievable.
Get in with em buddy dont be scared
Anyone else know the name of the first song???
That trailer must have been extremely expensive.
What kind of trailer is that?????
1.3k dislikes are from touchy feely vegans
Cattle were not handled badly or abused in the least bit
Those sticks are nothing more than to tap them on the rear to get em going to where they need to go.
Like your trailer
Yeah i agree the most amazing cow trailer

And then the gon die

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