Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Yet another cattle loading video.

Yet another cattle loading video.

I remember those days
I need to turn one of those trailers into my house with all that room
Are these meat cows?
Vegan: omg your hurting them!
Me: omg can’t wait to eat them! 🤤
Animals deserve better
Fuck you
I have always wanted to be a rancher. It looks so dang fun
Happy that I am a vegetarian and dont have to get a lot of poison and shit from meat that can cause cancer and dont have to support animals that plagued so humans can have meat :) if you dont belive me search up (american health organisation meat) and read the facts :)
Ay Love.. bull
That trailer is a mini-IKEA with all those pathways
Vegans in the corner: autistic screeching
Snowflakes are gonna be like, why are you hitting them, that’s animal abuse lol
Good songs
Planning to switch from otr to cattle hauler I have a kw w900 but I don't know anything about those trailers or what area has more cattle demand since I live in South Texas
I might get a trailer like that
Dude when we load cattle we just go 5 cows, 15 15 5 and boom done that’s way complicated 40 head on just like that
Without the music would be nice
Yum! That’s a lot of beef ribs !!
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