Yellow and Blue - New Holland FX 60 plus Tractors

Yellow and Blue - New Holland FX 60 plus Tractors

To johnwandersonagain I'll make a point of it . . . Alan
@balmesh In response to that Check out NH Forager in my latest videos from kildare...
To gruffyddw Thanks for that info. I keep bumping into contractors and it's useful to know where they are from. . .
@balmesh ye u gt it....they used to hav 2 kits on the road, and couple of balers! they had a big kit! these hav gt like two machines only 1 kit and 2 balers i think!
To gruffyddw That means they are a contracting outfit? Did T.Alun Jones used to do contracting then? I presume he's the same as the New Holland dealer?
these are penlan....llanfynydd east carms! they used to work for dancapel (T.Alun Jones) b4 they finished!
these are from Llanfynydd....eastish carms! they used to wrk for dancapel!
To rakerman Thanks again, Pat. Do you get many NH Foragers in County Cork? We don't see many here. . . .Alan
To AlzPembz Thanks Aled. I thought the writing looked like Fella, but couldn't be sure. Part - well, I have to be coy again, but lets say East Carmarthenshire. . . Alan
Another great vid Alan..That rake could well be a fella TS4000 looking at it it looks rather similar. Which part of wales were these boys from then?

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