Yelawolf - American You (Official Music Video)

Yelawolf - American You (Official Music Video)

10k dislikes? Mother of god.. I haven't been so digusted in my entire life. What a shame.
Yelawolf is A beast 👌
Still slummin it in 2019, American you.
there's nothing wrong with not wanting tattoos.
Ya cus I pay for my shit that right
See how far u walk in my swimming trunks
Merican AF
When this song first came out 2016, I didn't expect it to relate to my life so much. Sometimes things just don't work out for the best reasons.
Me and my pap lising to this song
I love you Russell!
2019 anyone?
Fk u too
🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 magic I am here 🎶🎶🎶
is ridiculous that he was accused of being racist that is bullshit! yelawolf is not a racist. The flag is not offensive. The song is beautiful I love it
I honestly get why Eminem gets him.
2019 !
2019. Yup

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