Yelawolf - American You

Yelawolf - American You

Damn, yelawolf is fucking fine n a Awesome singer...
Yelawolf bottled up booz
Just don’t like the fact he act because you go to church or don’t have a tattoo your fake and yuppie like. I am both and love everyone, like tattoos on others just haven’t found one I want permanent. I’ve been through hell, and worked my way out of it to where I am today, have friends who make minimum wage, welfare, and 6 figures, and you couldn’t pick which of us makes the 6 figures, and which are broke. FYI not everyone can do weed or we lose our career and our family loses everything. So stop generalizing people based on appearance, and sign how they shouldn’t you.
Hello thank u I love it I want learn all about how it like other other place I get want to learn everthing
This guy. What is their not to love. He's definitely from bama.
True ameriCAN song
YelaWolf 2020
Great song
Who 2018❤
Yelawolf music is great, bama proud baby!
I need lyrics!!!
god bless tattoo
Bad arse ishh.....smooth vibes
You're the best singer ever
Do any other songs exist like this?
n i already know im gonna be fuked at the garnteed but thats the story of my life n y i dont fly high think of the worste nhope for the best so aint n kaint break me not when im there garnteed
Still my shit! Discovered yella from pop my trunk but this my shit
This sounds good 😍 was this redone?
I love Yelawolf.

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