Yeast Washing With Separatory Flask

Yeast Washing With Separatory Flask

I have seen about 5 yeast harvesting videos so far. This one is by far the best. I dont need to watch any more.
Great video....Thanks !
Nice symphony x t shirt!
Thanks for video. and how can i dry that yeast? I think if i dry it i can keep it longer in refrigerator,right?
The Polypropylene ones are a lot cheaper than glass, can they be used?
So many comments, so can't read all. But why don't you do the first step directly into the sepatory flask? And split the trub off the yeast with it?
cool video, SHMBO will not let me play with fire. Thanks for the tip. When I get my beer lab built I will be buying one of theses separation flasks. You really should add an affiliate link to amazon for that so you can get a little kick back overtime someone buys one!
Nicely done video, greatly informative. I also like the way you have adopted English, the subtlety from your first language is pleasantly engaging, your accent holds a viewers attention.
Nice job!
Hi Tsenko, very great video. Thank you so much for sharing. I have one doubt.
I'm going to brew a Lager Pilsen tomorrow and I bought 23g of Saflage w-34/70 yeast to brew 30 liters of beer. Later I wanna save the yeast to use in my next beer. After saving the yeast, I'm gonna have a good quantity of yeast, like 250mg or more, I guess. But, in my next beer, I need to use all this quantity, half or less, to brew 30 Liters?
Very nice method!
Hi TSenko, Great Vid! one question: Would you need to make a Starter with the yeast collected? Or just pitch at appropriate temp to the wort on your next batch? Also, could you use the rest of the yeast still in the serperation flask at the bottom? It still looked like there was another 150ml flask left. Cheers
Great job!
You are a really professional home brewer man. Good for you, and thanks for sharing how to separate yeast from beer/water. 

I wonder if you stored the yeast for 24 hours in the separatory flask in the fridge or if you left it outside at room temperature?
Outstanding video dude! Just a quick note on safety but maybe a small, desk top fan angled up next to your fermenter might be a a better way to go. I'm pretty clumsy and working with limited space, I can easily see myself knocking that torch over and causing some serious damage. Anyway, thanks for all the good information!
Thanks for this video. I just received my funnel in the post from eBay. And I am already using it. I just love how easy it makes washing your yeast. I look forward to using my own cultivated yeast.
Tsenko, EXCELLENT video! You've taught me a lot and I hope to copy your procedure. You obviously know what you're doing. I don't understand the demonic t-shirt, though. I never have. If demons don't exist, then wearing such atire is just make-believe. If they do exist, then isn't it dangerous? No one has ever said that demons want mankind to be happy. All that aside, I hope you keep making videos. God bless.
Great vid. Glass is king!
Easily one of the best washing yeast videos out the. Cheers for taking the time.

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