Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Yeast Tips for 2016 - Pitching and Reusing Yeast

Yeast Tips for 2016 - Pitching and Reusing Yeast

Harvesting yeast from beer made from chemically imbalanced wort inherent with single temperature infusion brewing methods causes off flavors during fermentation and conditioning.
Hey an ty for some good tips!
How do i know what amount of yeast to harvest for my next vort?
best vid i've ever watched about yeast! quick! and packed so much info in for a new homebrewer. cheers mate!
Interesting about the two day starter age. Will try this.
isoamyl acetate
How do you bitter to 20 IBU your yeast starter? The acid alpha of the hops won't be released (isomerated) much at room temperature.
I didn't rehydrate my yeast(34/70) once and the beer came out really great. I think with most things in brewing, it depends on several other factors or is just a myth.
Using yeast starters, I've used a 1 year old yeast and it turned out great. I only had one yeast go bad over time.
Finally I found what I was looking for in a no nonsense explanation, thank you very much!
I always collect some yeast after fermentation in a jar and then I end up not using it because I'm too afraid something might have gone wrong with it. So this gave me atleast some more confidence to try it out. Good video, thx!
Yo Dudeski, very good video...!
Hi Ben, thanks again for another great vid. My only question is how much yeast do I need to collect from the 'trube' at the bottom on my fermentor? I have just started using my first liquid yeast, and not sure how much to collect and store. Also, do i need to make a yeast starter with 'this yeast' collected from the fermentor, or just straight pitch it into my new beer. Most likely will not be on the same day, but within a couple of days once collected the yeast. Cheers from NZ!
see you in the next video
Awesome video. For 19L worth how much yeast we should pitch ? would 1 small jar be enough ? thanks
Very helpful. Thank you.
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These guide lines seem to promote using extra pure pitch starters even if you use a starter. If I make a 2 liter starter for 10 gallons I'm not going to want to open more yeast.
I'm brewing a 1.052 OG Saison with a 1.6 liter starter and 1 pure pitch. I'm using (2) 5 gal fermenting vessels. So how should I distribute the above and is it enough. I'm thinking 1 liter to one 5 gal and .6 L + pure pitch to the other. Any suggestions- keep in mind I can add more yeast in the secondary to get the final gravity down.
Great Video! Is it still okay to reuse yeast without washing if you've got some dry hop pellet particles in there? I love the idea of reusing without washing and the risk of contamination seems like a very good argument against washing. Thanks!
Great information. Thanks for sharing:)
I've had lots of luck reusing yeast. In october 2016 I used the same package of yeast to make three different beers (one at a time), then I stored it in a fridge for three months in a santized air tight jar from IKEA. I pitched it into an APA two weeks ago, and it's worked like a charm even without a yeast starter. :)

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