WOW! Amazing New Agriculture Technology - Coconut tree

WOW! Amazing New Agriculture Technology - Coconut tree

Where is naaration ? Where Th his products available,,?
Saya mau beli, alamat penjual bibitnya di mana ya, tolong no hpnya cantumin ya.
Wer it is send me contact. Numbr
I need this plant how can I concatc u
How many years it take before it will bear a fruit that coconut
Wow super
এই গাছের চারা কোথায় পাওয়া যাবে?
If you eat these coconuts you will shrink like a DWARF
I nidu 200 tree pls contact number
These cocconut are in Viet Nam.
Mang binih na d mna
ayyo superp
I want breeds pl send me details
ni kelapa wangi ke
How I collect the plants....
This is amazing

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