WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Tomato

WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Tomato

Wow super and this is Ravindar our invention of cultivator has made the life of a farmer easy!
For more details:
Why making fool by showing only images.. disliking video.
Do not forget who brought to the world & invented and developed the method to grow cherry tomatoes. The inventors who developed the cherry tomatoes came from Israel, which contributed this knowledge to the whole world!!!
Субхоналлох. Это где? И как делается?
First music pls?
Net house me tomato ka krishi karne k liy alag se seeds aata hai kya sir
awesome v
اموت في منظر الزراعة
In which country is it ?
Mahendra. k.mahe
E muita fartura
فين المزرعه دى ونوع الطماطم
Agriculture feild I like 👌👌my favourite
Good job I'M happy
ماشاء الله ، تبارك الله فيما خلق ..

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