WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Tomato

WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Tomato

I like things explained.
From N.G.Os To N.D.Os
Not Profit Oranizations To Nations Developing Organizations
Example of International Medical Corps' Nutrition Programs.
N D A: Nations Developing Authority
Cell No; 0302 - 9110273
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For Protection, Innovation, and Responsibilities of Social Child , . . . With Historical Plaining and Stratigies to Help the Younger Students ,... Etc
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10,000 / week & 30,000 / Month
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1.B B A , Learn Business with your Aims
2.Botany , with Plants, Herbs , Shrubs , & Trees
3.Zoology, with Animals , Birds, Fishes & Mammals
4.Food Nutrition, With fruits & vegetables i,e jam, jelly, Fresh Juices, etc
5.Agriculture, Farming , & Forest Development, with new verities
6. And Related to any Other Field's by Same Fee Structured and Time Like Printing , Packages, publishing , . . . Etc
خسته نباشید
افرین برشما کشاورزان نمونه
Better less and good, than much and bad
wow amazing. always are look very beautiful.If we have small garden, we will get fresh and healthful vegetables and fruits.
What is the name of variety.
Perfectly 👍🏻
can you share what kind of seeds is this (specially creepers) ?? can you supply on request ??
Nice warke
Perfect job 100% sir, WOW. What kind of seeds are you using? Nice video! Give us full details on how it's done and variety of seeds. I want to learn.
Wow amazing
Sir what kind of tomato seed you are using
sir e seeds ekkada dorukuthundi plz contact me 7997214372
I want that seeds
is this a course I need to learn this
Tell the truth.... are they as tasty as tomatoes grown naturally at home, and are these also pumped up with gibberellic acid like so much more? Carcinogenic effect of gibberellin A3....shown to cause alarming toxicity to mammalian systems, particularly in the breast, lung, kidney, and liver. Research!
Its a nice video!!
What's the variety of the seed? Pls

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Agricultural economics refers to economics as it relates to the "production, distribution and consumption of [agricultural] goods and services".

The word agriculture is a late Middle English adaptation of Latin agricultūra, from ager, "field", and cultūra, "cultivation" or "growing".