WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Sweet & Chili Peppers

WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Sweet & Chili Peppers

It's amazing
Very good
Nitesh soni
It is very nice
Muje aa paka nambar sahiye
Number de
I want to know the varieties of chilli, it must be highly resisted to CMV and with high production
We already have Soldier of Nunhems and 078 of Hyveg company
thanks for this video
very good performance in agricultural development of esriel country in world top 10countries
Very nice, Farmers friends foundation is working for empowering farmers since 2015, in maharashtra India, and over 1200 hectors of farm lands are available for farming, like tomato, chilli, bamboo or any vaible crops. interested compeny or investors can contact with us. or Mr. Baban - 09768992021.
Kya mircha hai maza a haya
Bahut achha hai
Wow amazing agriculture technology
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