WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Papaya

WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Papaya

What type of variety is this .
Nice post and wonderful
Dear Brother, whenever you try to show any thing very important to all your viewers etc, please stop background sound till its full ends. And, try to explain to all of them with your statements either in Hindi or in English. Keep on playing any background musical instrument is not at all required in such very important matters. I hope you will follow my valuable suggestion full well from nex time on….. –Thanks with full best regards, -Fazal Ahmed.
hi koj ua zaub mov qab ua luaj
so nice
Which country is this ? Can someone tell me,
How to grow papaya with a good yield
papay wonderful plant.
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Berapa jarak tanam nya
Hi TSK-24. good music and picture, and nice outcome of your grow/show. But you did not want to tell anything of that as other growers concerns. You just wasted your time!
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Sir up sarkar is me anudan deti hai ya nahi mujhe batao
What is the spacing?
wow amazing papaya
likot ng camera nkakahilo panoorin
what is the name of this papaya variety
what is the name of this papaya variety

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