WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Daikon

WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Daikon

Linda plantacao
Manfaat bettee
Será que alguém pode mim falar o nome dessa planta que parece uma cenoura mais só que é branca e eu não sei o que é eu nunca nem vi
অজুন বেরা
Amazing.. 😘😘
or sa market
E benta na into ang sikamas be benta sa marketing
okay so what are we doing with it its a radish sooooooo

Where can buy seed of raddish?
Explanation must
Ancient produce, new direstion as oilseed. Baker's rare seeds has one that gets to 100 pounds. I'm going to try black schifferstadt this fall. That has a much better flavor.
সুসমিতা পাল
Wonderful radish plantation.

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