WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Coconut tree

WOW! Amazing Agriculture Technology - Coconut tree

too small size of coconut
Where is the farm
We want some plants ' give me which plant is better
I want this kind of trees..
l want seed immediately
Wow superb 👍👍👌👌
চারা কোথাই পাওয়া যাবে
I want small Terry
Como hacen para que un cltivo de coco produscan bien pequeños
এই। ডাব চারা রোপণ করা জন্য আমার 500টি লাগবে and mb
Apa yang terjadi di saudi
In Vietnam not Thailand 🇹🇭
coconut cost sir ,
This is not good for health.
Nothing is better than the agriculture my deep respect to the farmers across world
Where can i buy these?
Mantap bngttt
How can I get this valuable technology.
we want ur contact sir

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