Worm Tower Update/Harvesting Worm Castings

Worm Tower Update/Harvesting Worm Castings

This worm likes them cantaloupes
Have you ever looked thru your compost to see if there are any cocoons in it? You can find a picture of them here. https://www.redwormcomposting.com/worm-composting/red-worm-cocoons/
love your worm towers. Caution: I did not hear or see in the comments I read that citrus or protein should NOT be put in with your worms. Do NOT add any citrus peels or pulp to your worm beds. Do not add protein or citrus to your kitchen scraps. put the citrus peels and protein down your garbage disposal. thanks for the update.
I was composting in 32 gallon trash cans and it wasn’t going well. I found these videos and do the same thing. I ordered 2500 worms from uncle Jim and cut the guys loose in the beds.

My main problem is I have rabbits who produce manure faster than it can break down in the trash cans. I am really hoping the worms can help with the pace😀

Great videos and thank you for the idea.
afterwards you empty out did all worms return to tower or do you have to buy more
I love your videos very interesting !. I am wondering have you purchashed any worms for your bed ?
Enjoyed watching the video pretty cool ideas for starting a kitchen garden.
Seems like you would want all the holes in the side of the bucket to be well below the surface of the soil.
You are awesome 🙏🏼
I have very sandy desert soil, so why would the worm want to leave the worm tower?
3 yrs later and thee worms are still there 😂
What a fabulous idea 💕 Thank you so much for sharing 😊 I’m going to put couple in my garden too
Amazing vermicomposting technique. I really like it and I'm gonna do the same. Thanks for this video. Greetings from the Philippines.
fantastic idea, gonna start this fall with a few in my beds :) thanks for posting your initial video and the updated one.
Great idea, actually closed my eyes throughout and kept thinking how similar you sounded to Winona Ryder.
Was looking at 300 dollar worm bins and then I see this! Very simple and great Idea... subbed!
ya' know... I was about to comment, "that's not a worm tower, mine are 55 gallon drums!", but then I looked at what she'd accomplished, pure worm turd botanical superfood with little effort. Kinda' put me in check. InCREDible yield of high nutrition concentrate that would actually serve as dilutable fertilizer. I'm still learning.
Have ya tried putting any weeds in the bucket?
Put a small bucket ,inside the big bucket then ya won’t have to disturb,or lift a heavy bucket

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