Worm Tower Update/Harvesting Worm Castings

Worm Tower Update/Harvesting Worm Castings

Was looking at 300 dollar worm bins and then I see this! Very simple and great Idea... subbed!
ya' know... I was about to comment, "that's not a worm tower, mine are 55 gallon drums!", but then I looked at what she'd accomplished, pure worm turd botanical superfood with little effort. Kinda' put me in check. InCREDible yield of high nutrition concentrate that would actually serve as dilutable fertilizer. I'm still learning.
Have ya tried putting any weeds in the bucket?
Put a small bucket ,inside the big bucket then ya won’t have to disturb,or lift a heavy bucket
Really enjoyed your two 2015 worm tower videos. I use a plastic bin and prefer your idea of drilling holes to allow them free access. Will be looking for 5 gallon buckets. Thank you so much for your great ideas! You are a beautiful lady! Stuart in southern California
This is the 2nd time watching your video, 1st time when setting your worm compost tower (was skeptical). The results are great and you have a wonderful garden. Hoping to see more!
they still a live in winter time ?
great job...now I need to utilize all of my back yard.
I think I'm in love!
When it rains hard won't the worm tower get water logged?
New subscriber.....thank you for all the great tips .....
Thought I’d leave a warning. You have to be careful with the quantity of powdered egg shells you add. I had a couple of thousand compost worms in my three tiered worm farm and I was left with a stinking mess of dead worms after I added egg shells - happened twice before I connected it to the egg shells. I had ground up a couple of dozen egg shells (so it was a lot more than what you added) and I believe that quantity affected the ph balance. I think it created a very alkaline environment! I don’t know for sure but that is the only reason I can think of. My third attempt at worm farming has been successful for over 4 years now and I am very careful about the amount of shells I add.
I like this idea for harvesting worm castings but wonder if it’s just an extra step that’s not needed if you just put 2-3 inches of compost on top every year. Ive got beds that within a few weeks of laying down that much compost have all worm castings and no raw compost left. I may give it a try on a small scale and see how it goes
You can also make a very nice tea out of that compost and then just water the plants with it.
LOL, I was going to suggest the grinding of the egg shells. I also dry chicken, turkey and beef bones, then break them up I smaller pieces and grind them up.  It's a lot of work but worth the effort.
It looks like you have red wigglers whom are vegitarian (fruits and, veggtables) other then that they use coffee ground and, can use ground eggshells.
I have all my worms in my compost after last fall. I was trying a worm farm but thought to put them all together in a big pile, very wet from snow now. There is tons of red wigglers and some earth biggys. Do they eat each other? Did I do it wrong? Im going to carefully put all this mush in my beds with all the worms as I have horrible soil. Is that ok?
Shouldn't the worm tower be open at the back? I think that's why there are so many worms left. Your garden is beautiful, by the way. :-)
I have watched many hours of vermiculture ideas and devices, YOU HAVE the BEST idea. They can come and go, they don't have to live in their own waste and you can harvest when they emmigrate to the surrounding garden. A raised bed is my ideal and this matches perfectly.
Your garden looks very nice Kim.

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