Worm Casting Harvest 65 Pounds!

Worm Casting Harvest 65 Pounds!

Love your videos. New to home farming and I love my little worm composters
This may be my best option for composting here in the city.We get a mild winter so it should work well.You've got me thinking about it at least !
so it takes about 6 weeks from start to finish to get 65lbs of vermicompost ? great video
How much does that stuff sell for? I've heard a person can get seriously rich from backyard worm poop operations. Is this true?
That,s definitely a lot of worm castings
Keep the clips coming because you do this really well. Thank you.
Soon the time will come to start making some pocket change from this. Are you shopping worms yet? I'd buy from you
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yes worm casting are very good for your garden I use them quite often in my garden
Nice job on the castings,  60 lbs.  Is that from 3-4 mo if so that's sounds very good.
That's an excellent haul of vermicompost and castings :)
Good job kababayan!
After I watched your video last night I dig a handful of worms today but I dont know which one is right for composting.
Will the worms survive if the winters are too harsh?
Well I have been gardening and hunting in the swamps and Flatwoods all my life, and never knew what those little yellow looking things in the dirt were. I reckon I never really thought about it.
Thanks sweetie! I have yet another wrinkle on my brain :)
This was a great video. I live in the Seattle area and I'm so glad I found this channel. I don't think you've said whether you are in Washington or Oregon . Does anyone know? She does say zone 8.
Thank you, I think that worm casting is great. I am afraid to try as our heat here in Phoenix would be such a job to keep the bin cool enough for the worms
Great video! I miss my worm bins... Might have to start them up again. thanks for sharing!
great job!! You make everything seem so simple and understanding. Thank you so much !! GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed day

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