Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Worm Bin DIY - All in One - Easy Composting & Harvesting Casting, Part 1

Worm Bin DIY - All in One - Easy Composting & Harvesting Casting, Part 1

I'm starting my worm bin in 5 gallon bucket. How much worms in each bucket? 500?
Link to Worm Bin DIY Part 2 :
What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.
I suppose it wouldn't be very hard to have a 3rd bucket with the holes drilled in the bottom and new bedding for the worms to migrate up into it so they don't get spun.
I can't wait to learn how to make this!
Why wouldn't you just use the 1/8" screen on the bucket instead of double screening?
Is it ok to keep the substrate indoor? What about the smell or i hve to put it outside
Nice idea for small scale worm farming,,top invention.
All the best from Australia
Marty Ware
Very cool system
cheapest and best set up yet. Thank you
i like this idea i have a small worm condo and don't need a large scale sifter just need something cheap. why do people sift twice couldn't you just use the 1/8th mesh and dump the rest back in the composter???
The worm I see are freaking feral they are insane no
how often can i harvest casting is it possible to harvest casting and use it in 2 to 3 weeks or daily please answer
Awesome ! That is the most reasonable starting method I have ever seen. Thanks!!
Very clever, I like it a lot!
HOW DO YOU KNOW theres no worm eggs in the cast? so if you transplant the castings to an indoor plant pot? and you maybe don't ant to carry worm eggs in that. no video seems to address that question apparently
gdd job, love it, this is far the best and easiest way to harvest warm cast
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Do the worms migrate from the bucket through the screen and end up drowning in the worm T in the outer bucket?
Hello, I built your system a couple of weeks ago and it seems to be working fine. Thank you!!!
I have two questions - the worms are not eating all the scraps I make daily. Will they grow bigger and eat more eventually or do I need to have more than one?
Also I tried to get the buckets apart to move to the harvesting stage and they are stuck together. Normally I would pour in water or hit the buckets with a mallet but I don't want to do that with the worm family in there. Is there an easy way to get them separated?
Thanks a lot!
Can Black Soldier Flies get in thru a 1/8 inch drill hole??
You would think for as much effort and forethought you put into your idea, you would have put something underneath to catch the castings so they arent flying everywhere. Hahaha A nice shallow square plastic bin would be perfect.

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