World’s Strangest Fruits - That Look Like Aliens

World’s Strangest Fruits - That Look Like Aliens

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vary vary nice
Muy exóticas las frutas de Israel se ven deliciosas pero el documental está incompleto pues no especifican como se llama cada fruta q lástima
Guys..before cursing to the title given, you need to understand it is just to attract you. Well, the most important thing I noticed here is invention of new types plants instead of big trees and with the same production in less than half place of the regular sized tree. Good one.
I guess they never saw fruits on the trees.
Que terra abençoada
Porque no le ponen los nombres!?
Very nice and good
Allah o Akbar
Plant sex makes crazy looking different plants
muchas de esas frutas no las conozco
Israel the land of Jesus.super bless people of Israel
They came from heaven
I can't believe!
looks more like a compilation of doctored pictures
Que grande y poderoso es Dios
vry good

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