World's Most Expensive Mango - Amazing Japan Agriculture Technology Farm #18

World's Most Expensive Mango - Amazing Japan Agriculture Technology Farm #18

The best mango is in Guimaras, Iloilo
U can found mangos every where in our county Rajshahi district are very popular in our county. people can buy in cheap prices in Bangladesh🇧🇩we all have mango trees on our home.
Well that's the method to make every body rich in Japan .Best country in the world .If you are good Engineer you make Car and if you are not educted you produce mango and sell each for 70dollar .So everyone become rich equally.
Who like mango like me
It is very
Wer it's available
Kingdom of Mango's"India"
trai xoai ngon qua
Amazing 😍
Here in the philippines its free mango 😂😂
Did they really say those are 15 times sweeter that a normal tropical grown mango ? That’s a load of crap
Per mango costs $70😱
Maybe, you will bail out gold when you are in the toilet🚽
So beautiful
How are you going to focus on the bigger mangoes if you are iliminating new mangoes
Pakistani mangoes are the best in the world as far as quality taste and aroma are concerned..
Ummmmm. Love it

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