Clark Harris Womens Jersey  World's Most Expensive Mango - Awesome Japan Agriculture Technology Farm

World's Most Expensive Mango - Awesome Japan Agriculture Technology Farm

They want to make us believe that their mangoes are very special plus the so-called fancy packing, therefore they think they can charge such a high price, but in fact other countries' mangoes are much tastier and fragrant.
It is very good
wonder full
In my village in India I have more than 5 varieties of mango treas in my backyard Which consists of. Langda, Dasheri, Keshri,Hapus and a local red coloured mango variety.
Bring any plant which can not be grown in Japan and when it happens it is sold as world's most expensive fruit.
Hello everyone from Russia. We love to watch your video too.
Alphonso mangoes of India also are very rich in taste.... Especially the aroma
Uper se bhale hi ho jambun color kachi hone pe in side white or pakne pe inside pili yellow hoti thats all
Me 71 years k umr se dekhti aayi hun
Dropped 😛😍
Are these Mangoes available in India, If so what's the approximate Price. Please Share detail :
মিয়াজাকি বা রেডম্যাঙ্গো আমের কলম পেতে যোগাযোগ। ০১৭১১৬৬৮০১২
Hello !
Happy New Year !!!
I want to buy seeds of this variety of mango, is it possible and I pay the delivery costs
Please contact me on my email "derby.bioagriculture@gmailcom"

Thank you Joël
Our Mango here in the Philippines is world class too..
Wow! Intelligent! Amazing! 😲😲😲
Overrrated mangoes, love Pakistani and Indian mangoes, very sweet with great scent.
At 0:25: 15 times sweeter than the "Normal Mango? So glad that they have admitted that it is Not Authentic. Dentist bill would be15 times more expensive also.😆
Genetically modified Mangos you mean? So, I pay $20 for something that could alter my genes? Give me natural Mangos FFS! Stop modifying our fruits and foods, bastards. I mean, stop breeding like rabbits and there will be plenty of food for everyone.
use genome of banana genome with potato genome mixing and mango genome with coconut genome so we got more edibles fruits

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