World's Most Expensive Mango - Amazing Japan Agriculture Technology Farm #18

World's Most Expensive Mango - Amazing Japan Agriculture Technology Farm #18

Well, in Brazil people have trees of it in their backyard.
Mango just grows in India and there are more than 30 different varieties...
I already have 6 mango tree that grew from the Seed which I threw in my backyard....
Come to my country Indonesia and you will enjoy all kind of manggoes. Cheapest fruits.
Quả quá ngon luôn mong gì được ăn
Bruh he said that their job is to remove small mangos to focus on the big ones, tell me how in the hell do they expect to provide more if their removing the small ones
I want to purchase two plants. Are there any arrangements with your nursery with Flipkart.
Nossa que coisa linda
Amazing?Slice of beef meat is 400-900$ that's not amazing that's retarded....After WW2 Japan is totally fucked country cultural and every kinda way but economically....
Wow it's amazing
No entiendo nada de lo ke dicen pero me encanta lo ke veo
Purane videos
Sugoi desu ne....oishii!!!
Very nice
Mmm bastante cuidados..aquí se dan como Dios quiera, en abundancia, tienen el color de los mango ven buenos😊
Whrer it is
In indonesian mango trees can you see in every where...
nice Mango
In philipines they called apple mango and its very cheap price

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