Clark Harris Womens Jersey  World's Most Expensive Mango - Amazing Japan Agriculture Technology Farm #18

World's Most Expensive Mango - Amazing Japan Agriculture Technology Farm #18

Very common in Zambales, Philippines. Also you can buy in a very cheap price. Sometimes for free for it is all over the place specially during summer. BTW once we are hailed (Guinness book of record) as one with the world's sweetest mango.
Wow love mango
Very impressed. Supper. From Brazil.
Mình muôn mua giông xoai này được ko nhi.
helo sir
Almosy look like little lava balls... they have a really awesome glowing effect... seriously, if u could pour Lava into a clear plastic ball that's what it would look like.
I had no idea these existed. Thanks👍I learned something new today.
Yok mare
ماشاء اللة
So good maego
Japan is the expensive country. So mango is automatically expensive.
Mangoes for Develop countries 🙄🤔😖.. and told other mango are not healthy enough for their market 😁😁 psycho marketing is a brain Chess 🙄😂😂..
Loool in the Caribbean mangoes are also free and these mangos are not natural
My mom is cheap and she considers $6-over expensive mango
Konichiwa japan
From indonesia🤗
Already feel happy& blessed with 2 mango trees in my backyard🙏
One is sweet(gadung), other has pretty color(podang)😍😍
Indeed organic & dont have to pay $70 just for a single fruit 💖💖

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