Big machine
That thing is cool AF!
it leaves behind a lot of clippings lol
Look out grassland creatures!
Hello, It's Petra from NTD Television (Epoch Media Group). This video is great:
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Хорошая техника 👍
Looks fun to do cool
Just imagine if this thing had a clippings compartment how large that would have to be
Nice Mower! this one is just a bit bigger ...
So did they stop making this and what did one cost?
Looks like it shouldn’t work but it does
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That's amazing. I want that job
That’s a an alfalfa field. Turning green into 💵
The comments here are from some seriously misinformed people! That's alfalfa. He isn't "mowing the lawn" that's fuckin pointless! He is cutting it more likely to be dried, raked and baled, or combined into a forage wagon or large trailer for haylage later. This is cattle feed guys!
Damn, rabbits don't have a chance.
i feel so bad now for cutting all my silage with a 3 meter mower now
WTF with the music?

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