Cowboy Life: Working on a Texas Cattle Farm - Food Tripping With Molly Season 4, Episode 4

Cowboy Life: Working on a Texas Cattle Farm - Food Tripping With Molly Season 4, Episode 4

A smile always sneaks up on my face whenever I watch her. She is just fun to watch.
Molly has a great landing gear.
Sunshine State residents love producing beef derived from cattle. The beef from cattle in the very huge cattle ranch is first issued to Orlando markets (in the parks).
Molly married me
0:19 ‘Goes on 4 Molly, they call her.’

Also, I love seeing a big city liberal woman getting out amongst the male ‘white nationalists’ that make up the US of A. It’s crazy that she even made this video without being killed for possession of inferior genitalia. If you watch CNN as much as I do, I’m sure you’re equally surprised, as well.
bull is feeded with love . i m idea
Why are all cowboys hot af ?? OMG !!
I met a big Heffer in walmart
hallo from germany c this first time and my biggest LIKE is , Yes Mam!!!!! always !!
Modern Spaniards cowboys - they talk to the cattle sweetly:
I ship grant and Molly ❤️
My biggest dream ever to visit Texas and spend time at Ranches and sit in the pubs..
I’m always at piece and relaxed when I go the country.City life sucks!
I can only imagine what kind of hormones were pumped into wildfire
This was an amazing episode. Bravo.
What a brilliant episode.
So many livestock farmers are demonised out of pure ignorance.
These farmers are truly passionate about the livestock’s wellbeing from birth to death.
Giving the 🐄 the best life possible.
Only in TX. Grew up in Dallas but reside in UT now but I just can't get myself to like UT miss TX soooooooooo much.
She’s moist as she ropes that cowboy
I am vegetarian, but this is how the meat extraction process should take place!

People will always eat meat, as this is part of culture and tradition in the hole world. And that must be preserved -not only for the meat part, but also for many other reasons! So it's not about changing and improving the world by enforcing the pursuit of one view, no matter which one, but carrying out different views in an acceptable and respectful way -just like eating meat for those who do.

These cows experience in the herd all of the nature given, wide meadows, fields and waters. They even trust their humans as they come near them calm... Also you notice the absolute love which is put into their rearing and attitude, and how respectfully the meat obtained from them is processed and eaten! Unfortunately / Fortunately, the part of the slaughter was not seen, but I am convinced that this is done as good and respectfully as every other process we've seen here.

The world would not be better if no more meat was consumed and I am convinced that many vegetarians are unaware of the consequences this would have for the environment and the earth as a whole. It's not about to stop eating meat, it's about where it comes from!

If you want to improve the world, you are welcome to start there to respect yourself and all other people and beings like animals and see all of them as not self-evident. So there won't be any place for suffering <-> punishment. And this is the only view which, no doubt, should be enforced as being solely existing!

I'm so proud I've seen this. This is so beautiful and I wish I'll be blessed enough to see and experience a place like this someday.
Love it Lol 😁

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