Cowboy Life: Working on a Texas Cattle Farm - Food Tripping With Molly Season 4, Episode 4

Cowboy Life: Working on a Texas Cattle Farm - Food Tripping With Molly Season 4, Episode 4

The young cowboy is so sexy:D!
Well.... hello, Grant.
When you are a farm girl and you hear her ask what heifers are 🤣
What ever happened to Molly? I miss her!
ANGRY Vegans Intensify*
Something tells me that Molly has the hots for Grant! These farmers are the perfect example of PETA and animal rights activists wrongly attacking and demonizing farmers. They have passion and love for their work and their animals.
We miss your episodes Molly!!!¡!
Molly and the cowboy😉
I love the ranching lifestyle. My dad was a ranch Forman and I grew up on a cattle ranch and worked next to my dad for many years. Until I got into the oilfield. But on my days off I would help my dad on the ranch. I miss working that ranch.
GOD bless Texas and GOD bless the cowboys snd cowgirls
Im literally in love wit this girl like wow.
No gonna like that looks like something I would like to do as a lover of steak.
Nice bull
She needs a hat
I gotta visit a Texan free range ranch one day if i do visit by Texas on a road trip.
Free range no tranq no gmo.
I love how city people look down their noses at those of us that live in the country as though we are stupid hicks and yet as this lady said the country provided more peace than any yoga class in the city. People from the city always head to the country to relax and commune with nature, in fact it's the new zen thing to eat organic and leave as little carbon footprint as possible. Here we are in the country doing and living that nice healthy lifestyle city folks are all in a rage over. Who's the stupid hick then, the city folks trying to be country or the country folk living the good life? I've lived in the San Diego area of California and I'll take rural anywhere over that!!
Whose ready to get knocked up?
Wow that is a beautiful ranch.

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