Clark Harris Womens Jersey  woody CFL cash crop harvest day!

woody CFL cash crop harvest day!

Was this cream of crop what was genetics
If you want to get ripped off you came to the right place
can't find cash crop clones in Bay area. .is it seed only strain
The power usage is barely any since they are only cfls
there are way to many haters go fuck yourselves. I was having some problems back then. Sorry to disappoint all the assholes out there. I am doing better now And I will make better vids. Thanks for the people that don't hate.
was using cfls. I believe there were 3 24watt and a 200 watt. 2700k
what kind of lights sre you using
question, does it waste a lot of energy?
please get a tripod
This shakey ass video irked the fuck outa me
shittest video ever. whats the point
Nice grows, ware do you get your feminized seeds and or clones
how much extra do you pay per month with the cashcrop
i steal all and your pot 2 get it?
what was the dry weight ?
Looks Good!

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