Wiz Khalifa Weed Farm Gameplay

Wiz Khalifa Weed Farm Gameplay

Good game.
U got to be jobless, high as fu#k to download this game and play all day
Pay "or hack" to win the game
your game is hack or not
https://youtu.be/R4MdCg08MJU Unlimited tub glitch sub to me
im lvl 22, and only harvest4#
just play hemp empire is much better then this shit of a game lol
I'm level 39 almost level 40 :D
Is this what the kids nowadays thinks is cool lol? What a dumbass game.
Checkout my videos
How u hak u knoob no klifer
So easy to see that it is an hacked version look at the level at the start and at the end ups 😉
how r u only on harvest #8 and can make alot of dollar's & coins so fast?
is that a hack?
song at 0:09 please
do I need to get jars before I can harvest?
How do you get the first plant so much money already

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