Witch Doctor Jade Harvester T13 Speed Build Patch 2.4.2 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

Witch Doctor Jade Harvester T13 Speed Build Patch 2.4.2 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

Angry chicken hells tooth?....now that's solid.
J MaccTV .... there is also a poison over time socket wich isreally nice for JH cause it works with the setboni ... so more instant damage by harvesting !!
Whats the fastest WD speed build?
going to probs start WD season 9 mate thanks for the build i like jade but never played it past GR60 on HARDCORE lol my net is shit at the best of times and didnt trust it. i hope they fix the barber for LoN spirit barrage build its fun as hell 2.play also.
enjoy playing the jade doctor.
I work with the sacred harvester and vile mojo. Ring of emptiness works really nice in the setup.

never considered the ingeom for this build, got the cooldown reduction via gem
rrog auto rolls mainstat and ias so you can never get cc and cd... love jades tho, looking for a way for it to work again
long time no see video. diablo 3 RIP i guess. for many ppl.!!
Doesnt Wormwood gain the effect of all runes? I may have misread... but if that were the case...
Awesome video as always! How's T13 fire walker right now? I'd love to know if it was any good still!
With 1200+ paragon i can do it too ...
your build is the best
great build again...Do you think this would work for HC, too? With the Goldwrapp in the cube, I think you are pretty much safe, right?
Why is Armor stat preferred over All Resist in gears?
This is a great build. Jade has always probably been the most interesting WD build, IMO. Plus, "Thing of the Deep" (ToTD) is probably my favorite Mojo, so I try to fit it in whenever I can, even if it mitigates my power level a bit.

Your videos rock, dude. I've worked on video for my company (not necessarily Youtube), and it appears you take the time to script them because they are always clear, concise, and to the point.
I don't get it how is it possible that you only have like 12k subs? You're one of the best D3 guys around! Advertise man! ;)
Can you do fire bats
The key for me with this build is that it's fun to play. I just can't speed farm with Gargs and then push with Gargs as well. It slowly kills my brain cells.
Everybody is posting JH builds all of the sudden.
Thanks mate, I like Jade as well, it's a nice change and it's fun to blow up stuff. ;)
Thanks for the upload Macc! While chicken being faster is nice and all, I play this class for the fun of all the different kits. Jade has always been my favorite so I'm excited its once again viable! Looking to run a crazy pet build since I havent done that yet on D3.

Thanks again!

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