Witch Doctor Jade Harvester In-Geom T10 Speed Guide Patch 2.4 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

Witch Doctor Jade Harvester In-Geom T10 Speed Guide Patch 2.4 Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

seems like a lot more legendaries than I see
This build still works well ? I see the set got nerfed from 300 to 150 seconds (in the 6 piece bonus)
I find myself dying a lot with this build...not sure what im doing wrong
why do you stack cdr on items on top of the in-geom on top of Grave Injustice?? Kinda overkill, isn't it?
Is this build still viable or a different variation using jade harvester for t10 speed runs?
Don't know if you check your youtube but if you read this could you answer this for me? After Jade set got nerfed by 50% is this build even still viable?
Your build on diablofans was empty with just the video.
I was looking for a cheat sheet of sorts so I threw this together to have something to reference faster.
Credited you and your video.

Hey would The Grin Reaper be a better choice for the cube since it spawns the 2 skellies that cast all your skills to? Im thinking (and my wife tells me I should never do that) that it would be more dps because of the multiple piranhado, locust swarm, haunt etc being cast.

Of course I could be wrong...what do you think?
Another great vid. Thanks.
Very cool!!!!
Could you make a fresh lvl 70 guide? with the 6 harvester? :D
J-macc my man. Haven't seen ya in Twitch lately; you good bro?
why doesn't he pick all the legendary items on the ground ? ( new to D3 )
Is still a viable option after the recent nerf?
Finally, i might just be able to keep up with some barbs while still pushing out some damage now. thanks JMacc
O baby Jade is back! /rubnips
Thanks so much. I rely on your videos to help with my game play. :)
I'm really glad I found your YT channel. You have very professional videos that are well organized, straight to the point, that cover most major topics / questions / alternatives. Keep up the good work! It would be good to have this updated later to compare this with other WD speed builds out there.
Hey man, have mercy on those goblins! Should've uploaded on other kind of sites instead :P Great job, gonna go back to WD this season, since Jade's is looking sick!
Speedlag build : )

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