Witch Doctor Jade Harvester Greater Rift 77-80+ Build Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

Witch Doctor Jade Harvester Greater Rift 77-80+ Build Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

These numbers so low when my mages hit for trillions lol
i think WORMWOOD on cube would work great for locust swarm so you dont have to use that ability in the lineup, that way you dont use mana on it, also you can youse the whispers ring to have haunt cast itself without having it in the lineup as well. this way you can have gargs and dogs instead of locust swarm and haunt on the ability lineup. the whispers ring you can put it on the follower and it will work as well, this way you keep your own rings like short/tall mans finger or whatever other combination.
Creeping death is good with the LoN walker?
How do I get haunt as a primary!?
"get to a point where your not getting one shot" *gets one shotted
What is best way to incorporate tiklandian visage with this build?
Awesome guide, thankyou man!
having a hard time getting an ancient sacred harvester, any tips? i've blown through thousands of deaths breaths upgrading ceremonial knives, and all blood shards towards 1 handers, still no luck, best i've gotten so far was 1800dps after a reroll... :(
Would you build yourself for more toughness/life on hardcore or just play at lower rifts?
I run everything here, and with great rolls. 80+? No way. 60+ is more correct.
furnice increases dmg againt bosses too? the text says againts elites
I don't get how you have 14,800 int. My build is almost identical and I'm at 9,700 int?
When the current season ends, can we still get those green wings? Or do we need to focus the set dungeons quickly before it ends?
Any alternativs for the furnace, or is it a must? :)
nerfed :( is it still good enough dps?
ring of emptiness? i havent even seen that ring this season
sup man, why is the dmg so low with this set? i only deal dmg with haunt, soul harvest deals close to none dmg :S not sure why
The thunderfury on the enchantress lowers her dps significantly, does the ring not need her to kill stuff for it to proc the area of increased damage taken? And I assume then that her dps does not matter that much and she is mostly there for stuns?
thanks, I'm running the same built and it's great, without any ancient intems on me, I can take 60GR easy. I recommand poison as most of this built items can boost your posion dmg and you have also the overtime. I will try also cold to see the diffrence,
Jade set sucks

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