Winter Livestock Water: Cows & Sheep

Winter Livestock Water: Cows & Sheep

Check out my solar pump for water troughs
lmao, musnt have much of a winter if ya got a spring that pushes water through the frostline..
It is hard to tell from the video- how does he get the water from the stream into that blue tank? some king of electric or solar powered pump? I also have a natural spring but it is at a relatively low point on my property. SO I am curious how to get the water from the spring-fed stream into a tank
Troy is great. He can 'um' all he wants. I learned recently that if any water catchment is not rubber, (or the right grade plastic) it can easily crack in freezing weather, so careful. Thanks again John.
Troy is just too much. LOL No he didn't drink out of that tub. Question: Since the water is coming from a fresh stream, how often do you test the water for chemical tainting from other sources? Do you filter the water before it goes to the tubs to your cows or back out to the stream? Are there any additives you put in the water to benefit your cows? Even with animals the watering holes are social gathering points. cute. Great video. Smile!
what size is the blue tube

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