Willie Nelson: I rolled joint at White House

Willie Nelson: I rolled joint at White House

Cnn is fake
willie then went in the white house rest room and drew the marijuana leaf on the wall
Wait Cee Lo has 1 arm and no legs? Woa
I smoked weed with 2 cops in uniform once, then we did mad skids in the paddock with the lights and sirens on...
It was fucking awesome.
i bet those white supremacist groups wouldnt let a mexican like cheech marin even be able to hit roach even do im not mexican #mexican America home of the Americans
Service man with rifle got tickled cos we blew smke in his face...aww the good old days...
I ate 2 pot brownies .drak Coors beer... went to the park sit and roled our weed..marched from park to back of White House steps in 77 me and 2 friends stayed 3 days...trying to legalize marijuana...we got rained on ..played in fountain say in old Abes lap...motocade kept us in side roped off road.. one officer ride up the back of my leg on his motorcycle!!!! Had a ball..concerts everywhere...
"Is it true you rolled a joint on the roof of the white house under president carter?" "no i rolled it before I got up there"
dude is my hero
Snoop Willy Yes!!!!!
well  abe linlon smoke hemp white house. 
Just because we smoke pot does not make us imoral god made that plant for a reason and for u to imply that were imoral for smoking weed is just ignorant do you tell tabacco smokers that there imoral hell no u say u drink well drinking is worse for the body than pot and its worse for the people around you atleast when were medicated were not beating our children! And theres rotten eggs yes but dont put all pot heads in the same category if your a good person and smoke pot your not just going to up and decide to rob people! Just like there is people that drink and beat there wife doesnt make that imedeatly wrong and just because its illegal now doesnt mean it wont be in the next few years what are you going to do then with your hatred your going to have to shove it up your ass because no one will listen to your rantings
If weeds a gateway drug it better hurry up.
Her laugh, clap and reaction at 0:12 is the fakest one I've ever seen
Fuck piers morgan
it's ''i rolled a joint at THE white house.'' cmon cnn....
bush cheney and rumsfeld broke a lot more serious laws that willie ever did-bush was lawbreaking by being there-he didn't get elected
willie nelson proved he had absolutely no respect for "Americas house",he also proved he had no respect for the law.he should have been locked away in a federal prison for about 10 years.i used to be a fan of his,but no more,i have no respect for him at all.whether you think pot should be legal or not,the fact remains that it is illegal at present,and willie nelson has been openly and arrogantly thumbing his nose at the law for over 30 years.lock his ass away
Would you say it was.... Presidential?
way more badass then wiz khalifa

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