Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Why The NETHERLANDS is the World's AGRICULTURE leader? - VisualPolitik EN

Why The NETHERLANDS is the World's AGRICULTURE leader? - VisualPolitik EN

Now when said guess who is the biggest exporter I allready knew it was the Netherlands, but I would have expected you would say Germany instead of those other countries. They are our largest rival after all, in basically everything. Also usually a pretty solid guess if you ask anything that has to do with who has the biggest export of ... in the EU.
also, EU laws protecting farmers from all things Monsanto.
Meanwhile. Spain might be below top 10 in agriculture sector because they kept throwing vegetables at each for the "feast of saints or domingo saints whatever you wanna call it" festivals
In the netherlands, a lot of the classes at uni are actually in english. Not only at the university of Wageningen.
G E K O L O N I S E E R D !
I am a Dutch energy consultant working in Switzerland and wondering how this technology could help the Swiss nation to use their scarce square km. I also wonder how much Energy Efficiency knowledge is available in Wageningen, as this is also an issue in agriculture.
whoah hold up, tomahtoes dont just grow because of our tech, its mostly because of the ''breed''. our tomahtoe seeds are known to be some of the healthiest, and sweetest. because they are so healthy, they can survive a lot better then other breeds.
The veterinary studies of the Utrecht University, also played an important role. Watch the dr. Pol on National Geographic. he acts always in the best interest of the farmer. Having a lot of cheap solutions at his disposal.
Everybody can go to the university with a sick pet. There is a communication between science and end users.
Wageningen university is not only about agriculture. For instance, they research which animals are suitable as pets. Dutch are not allowed to have other pets than the list made by Wageningen. They are also great in forest management. No forests in this country. But the research was used in Canada.
Another reason for the Dutch successes in agriculture and water management is that there is a long tradition in The Netherlands with applied research and technology.
Those bloody racist dutch farmers came to South Africa and stole our land
Great video. Even I did not know we (I am Dutch) are so huge in agriculture. But er... Airbus? That's French. I guess you meant Fokker.
This was a very misleading post. The information about the agricultural science was interesting, but the video kept referring to food production. Dutch ag exports quoted here include flower production and the value of processed foods. The Netherlands doesn't even make the top 4 for actual calories exported. Disappointing and misleading post.
NOT HOLLAND at least say then "Kingdom of the Netherlands"
I think country in the developing world should copy Holland agriculture technology like hydroponic, drone surveillance and veterinary treatment.
Man, everything booming till you meet our president. Killing our farmers due to a nitrogen oxide agreement with the EU.... we have our donkey as well, he just looks like a joker.
We Dutch are a trading country. And our economy. We sell knowledge and inventions. We are a small country with many inhabitants. So we have to be smart to boost our economy. And we are unique in that. The Netherlands sells many inventive machines. We are good business people.
For an even smaller country like Singapore that imports practically all our food needs, how would we go about ensuring food security? What vertical or urban farming techniques would the Netherlands suggest?
They pump CO2 into their greenhouses. Plants prefer it at 4x ambient levels. The earth is actually in the worst of only two CO2 crashes in its history.

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