Why People Leave the LDS Church -- Fair Mormon Podcast

Why People Leave the LDS Church -- Fair Mormon Podcast

Personal revelation is the only way to know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. We put it out there and invite everyone everywhere to see for themselves and enjoy the blessings that flow from it.
Any elder in this church and kingdom-who pursued a course whereby he would ignore or in other words refuse to obey any known law or commandment or duty-whenever a man did this, neglectrd any duty God required at his hand in attending meetings, filling missions,or obeying counsel, he laid a foundation to lead him to apostasy and this was the reason those men had fallen.
I "apostasized" after I decided to make a concerted effort to follow the teachings of Christ and to be open to truth wherever it originated. My mind and heart has been greatly enlarged and have learned that God doesn't care what you believe as long as you learn to have a heart full of love and treat all others as you would want to be treated. Yes, the LDS church does teach that, but it mingles ans dilutes the teachings of Christ with the doctrines of men to the point that members are often distracted from what really matters.
What? Testimony? Lol . You made me laugh . I see you don't even know what happens or even better I prefer not talking about those issues. I had a testimony but when the leaders lie everytime they want and this information pass for a filtration... You realize how the real church work from the inside to the outside. Hidding specially to all latinos who can't speak English. That they will come and church numbers would start decreasing . It's just my opinion as a former member. You just mention, but don't explain anything. I can't lie myself. And for respect, I won't mention all the issues that made change my point of view about LDS church
They leave because the standards of the church are not good enough for many. If you believe in truth or full disclosure, equality and fairness then the lds church does not reflect your values. They consistently and very quietly change embarrassing or contradictory history or doctrine then blame the individual for asking questions. If you list the characteristics if a cult, unfortunately lds inc matches on several counts. Love people despise the machine! Members are truly victims.

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