Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Why Agriculture Can Never Be Sustainable, and a Permacultural Solution present by Toby Hemenway

Why Agriculture Can Never Be Sustainable, and a Permacultural Solution present by Toby Hemenway

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Thank You Toby. Even though you are not with us you will always be with us.
Tools from the library would be cool
"Nature " produced the European - we are supposed to be here. incidentally God created nature.
I wish working with people was as easy as he makes it sound. For instance, I guarantee if I put a community compost bin out, it would be full of garbage, vandalized or someone would put dog poop, milk or something else super stinky in it & someone would start yodeling about rats.... I'm just involved in a little community garden with like minded gardeners & there's still friction.
The wild only exists in the mind of humans
Yes! Gardening rather than farming......
There's still hope for my kids yet.....let's change!
Wow i learned alot from the presentation. I have so much respect for Toby and the permaculture - culture at large. Thanks for sharing the video!
I just have to say any agriculture, gardens, landscapes we humans do, grow, is inherently artificial. And those projects will never be self sustaining. Never. We are trying to copy nature and sorry, we will never be as good as nature. Takes one hell of a lot of education in ALL sciences to have the credibility to play with making food, beauty, outdoor rooms...we humans are the only species ever to walk this world that has never been part of a sustainable ecosystem.
excellent presentation I learned so much and many questions have been answered; very comprehensive lecture Mr. Hemenway makes something so broad and complex very understandable and sensible. True teacher
I am very happy as a farmer here in the mountain of Trentino Italy.
A better, more accurate talk would be titled "Why Permaculture Can Never Be Profitable, and a Sustainable Agrcultural Solution."
why dont camera men figure out that during a presentation which includes slides, they need to get both the slides and the speaker in the frame? or use a mixer to get both alongside each other in editing?
I love watching the evolution of Toby's presentations over the years. He got deeper & deeper into the origins of till heavy mono-crop agriculture as time went by. I think he was always observing, interacting, learning, adjusting. Such gratitude that he shared so much with us while he was alive. Gaia's garden was my first permaculture book. <3 <3
amazing lecture....permaculture ftw!
Thank you Toby for this insight!
agriculture's roots in fear and the beginning of a police state & unnecessary laws, slavery... yuuuge!

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