Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf (Sing Along Songs)

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf (Sing Along Songs)

This was on bad wolves concert
such classic song
Whos listening this in 2018?
I wanna eat the father
I’m dead u can see they hanged there dad in the wall 2:24
Those pigs HELLA THICC
The Doctor certainly is.
So apparently their dad got turned into sausages and their uncle is a football, how come their mother wasnt turned into anything?
Hitler's most loved cartoon. It's not a joke, but a historick fact.
Why everyone says sausage I see bacon wrapped wolf
Love it my bra
1:44-1:45 when you say "my mom ain't gon' do nothing" until 5 seconds later see her 2 steps away with the belt
Now look who's afraid of the big bad wolf
Pigs are gross and cowardly
Well, I decided to post another comment for the people here to understand . This animated short was created back in the 30s when people were used to be very different back then. When the short was released in 1933, it became very popular and many people wanted to see more of the shorts with the pigs and in the next year, the short managed to win an award and later some sequels were made. I don't think any of the people had any problems about the family picture frames that were seen in the brick house when the short was still new. It made me very sad that people these days can't watch the short without any problems and still complaining about the fricking family picture frames. The family picture frames are still picture frames and nothing bad has happened to the pigs' family. They are all still alive. Mother Pig made her animated appearance in an animated segment of a non-Disney movie called "Cri-Cri el grillito cantor". That animated segment was actually animated by Disney and featured the same Disney versions of the pigs and the wolf. The pigs were used to be very popular back in the 30s and in the other older decades, but not anymore. There are still some new merchandise of the pigs but not as much as in the older decades. Unfortunately, Disney seems only caring about their popular franchises like Mickey & Friends, Disney Princess, Frozen and Cars and not about their cartoons that are not full lenght movies or non-Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck related cartoons. I have seen some fans who commented about Fiddler Pig's clothes look like Donald's, but I don't think they knew that Donald's first short was actually released in one year after the first Three Little Pigs short. When Donald first debuted, his hat was colored white not blue like in his late appearances. Fiddler was the one who worn a blue hat first, not Donald. Donald is not the only character who worn this type of hat. There are some other non-Disney characters who are also wearing this type of hat. Porky Pig had a nephew in the older Looney Tunes comics and in the some other older LT merchandise who was called "Cicero Pig" and worn this type of hat. When I first saw him in a LT comic that I have read when I was younger, I thought that he was Fiddler Pig and that the story was a crossover between LT and Disney's Three Little Pigs. His design totally look like Fiddler Pig's with those clothes that he was wearing except younger. I know that Donald is more popular and well-known, but he is not the first character who worn this type of hat. I'm feeling that I'm the only one who still likes the pigs after so many years have passed. I have been a fan of The Three Little Pigs since the 90s when I was very younger and I still love them in my heart (It's a very touching comment, but I'm not sure how many people will get affected by it).

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