White Widow Autoflower - Crop King Seeds - Day 79 the final flush

White Widow Autoflower - Crop King Seeds - Day 79 the final flush

Just got an autoflower seed mix they look good hoping to get good results.
OMG never seen that much hair on a arm lol.
Ale tłuste ślicznotki 🤗🤗🤗jakie białe, widać potężna moc, jakie jasne czyste topy. Mniam mniam👌🙃👌
So what was the final weight of these 2 plants?
A "sams-squantch" growing weed!
What day did you harvest?
Mine is at day 34. How much taller will it get after day 34? How big of pots and light?
Very Nice Job. Did you use CO2?
this looks nice . makes me look forward to the finish of my first auto grow.
Did u top her
dog, I'm growing the same seeds now,where's all the white women,
How big were those pots how much bud did u get in the end are these average result with crop king ww auto? And how big was that tent would 4 of those fit in a 4x4 tent?
I like your videos a lot thanks for putting these on here. I am growing the White Widow Auto Flower from Crop King Seeds right now. I am on Day 53 and it is good to see hopefully what to expect. I will be very happy with that yield if everything goes right on my end.
Looks tasty bro. Great job.
very nice man
How much your dumb .bad news wen text or said ok?
They look great
I'm wondering because I don't know what to do towards the end of grow do you as the grower dicied if the plant is done or does the plant itself because mine have stopped growwing and haven't yellowed yet adding just water since I did a flush a couple days ago just lmk also it's way passed the 80 day and not even smell is developing you can smell the weed off your fingers tho when you touch it or flick
Woaw these buds look more like fruits than flowers ♥
The small tent bro is too dark at the bottom of the plants you need to brighten it up at the bottom Trust

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