Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Which are smarter? Dogs or Pigs

Which are smarter? Dogs or Pigs

Not fair the dog is old and the pig is young so NOT FAIR
dogs are most loyal and that makes them the smartest in my opinion. dogs have saved people in numerous ways and continue to surprise us! they are closer to people who treat them with love rather than treated like a hamster. dog probably gets yelled at more and understands his place in that situation. that's the pigs ramp. bet he gets corrected more than the pig. and probably avoids the pigs spaces it uses. dog looks nervous and aware of something he's uncomfortable with. my friend has pigs and dog that is clearly fearful of the pigs and avoids them. They get along but don't bond because pigs aren't smart in that sense. dogs are more aware of us and they show it. All animals are intelligent in one way or another but dogs are more deserving a place next to man in a world that seems to believe animals should be "free" and wild. and other areas that want to eradicate invasive species. just because they're not "recently" native . insects build tunnels, traps and balls of crap. but I'm sure most of us would like to agree that mammals like us are smarter than that. dogs are heroic and anyone considered to be a hero will never be considered as less intelligent than the smartest pig,hands down! I love dogs !
now i feel bad for eating pork >_<
Dog is smarter cause he is scared of the ramp and would rather jump off witch is a shorter route to get to you. Also was there war pigs? Is there drug pigs? Don't think so this is a dumb ass argument lol
Try with dog breed that obey by food like pug or beagle
We need a bigger sample size. Dogs are way smarter than pigs.
The dog is bigger, has a bigger sense of falling from the ramp, while the pig is small and doesn't feel the danger of falling!
Doesn't prove smartness, actually the dog is smart for being fearful for his own good!
Tons of variables not considered..
I mean its not the dogs fault when he doesnt fucking listen to you when you didnt well train him
i think the poor dog has scary
I'd take the well built stairs over a d.i.y ramp lol looks like it's gonna fall apart...he's smart for questioning its safety
notice how the pig had treats laid out down the ramp

and the dog did not?!
That dog looks like it gets yelled at a lot
the dog is smarter but also lazier :3
Nothing is proved

Scout cummmmmm!!!!!!!
dog already learned how to get down. why would he do something different. plus it looks smaller to him than it does to the mini pig
Scout was like " Psh, why waste my time on you guys when i could be sleeping or hunting gofers or something......"
pigs roll in shit and mud

dogs play pretty much everywhere you want them to and have special jobs that humans cant do.
blind dogs or sniffer dogs

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