Clark Harris Womens Jersey  What The Hell Are Livestock Auctioneers Actually Saying?

What The Hell Are Livestock Auctioneers Actually Saying?

We went to the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship in Bloomington, Wisconsin to find out.
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Literally nobody:

I'm sure I saw Bill Gates, 3:32
Lil Nas X shouldve get a sample from these guys
whats the guitar riffs at the end of the video?? It's so damn soothing?
I don't why I love this but now I really want to learn.
0:38 nice unibrow
How to be auctioneer in two steps

Step 1: ihasewfoiwejgpwiejgfioqafhwegoiuwehgjwiepojgwoiehusiroghoeirhgaorgh then you have to askchiaeoghewuafbgiuweghoierhne
Step 2: done
Welcome to Vice News and this is white culture.
5:47 - 5:51 sounds like a song lol
4:06 why??
what is all with those hats?
Me: What's the WiFi password?
Friend: It's on the back of the router
The back of the router:
India Lynches muslims over beef
also india #1 beef exporter 0:04
the news no one asked for, but no one is complaining
00:23 chumlee?
I wonder if they know someone put their videos to the beats of hip hop
my friend said i sounded like a southern cow auctioner. i talk really fast and near unintelligibly
And the next auction is bubibbbbbbopbublobbbibblooopipubibiblopppipppbubububuubdiduidggugugugugubibiibbibibop!

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