Clark Harris Womens Jersey  What The Hell Are Livestock Auctioneers Actually Saying?

What The Hell Are Livestock Auctioneers Actually Saying?

We went to the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship in Bloomington, Wisconsin to find out.
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0:37 That fella is at the cattle auction house looking for a new girlfriend. Can't keep his jaw off the floor.
4:03 Best photo bomb eva.
So white men invented rap?
It's impressive. Really is an art
My girl hindbrain just went “I wonder what else those auctioneers can do with those fast talking mouths”
Sound like there on the market urgency
Hell if i know all i know is they cute. whoops i just scratched my nose now they say i own a hundred cows.
Top ten rappers Eminem was to scared to diss
Name of background song
Does anyone know the music at 3:50?
A long video for a simple question....
I raise cattle.
They say rhejueurjjsbasbdbdjwucufjeiixueizje wheiaiaiifjxyaha bill whehuduxdhwbrjicuc habwnnrfi money shshahhdsjugujvnrbeuxuvuw e kvu
4:35 : bih said 🥥
A bidda abidda a bidi bidi bidi bidi bidi 8 a bidi bidi bidi 9....🤣🤣🤣
Ha, too much politics and ass kissing a lot of crooked shit takes place at thousands of auctions sites.
So it’s a presidential debate but for auctioneers.

Stupid mf wearing cowboy hats in 2019.... Your not a cowboy
That auction needs a little diversity

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