What's the Secret to Easy Patio Cleaning?

What's the Secret to Easy Patio Cleaning?

The bad news is. It will not remove “Black spot” you know that black mould that your power washer just wont budge,! 😢😢😢
if you have brick pavers that are sealed, I would expect bleach would damage the sealer...if unsealed...bleach works just fine...it will kill any organic plant growth....pool bleach.....
Jet was will remove it don’t be silly all your life .

Just get a decent jet wash not some Mickey Mouse crap .
Try Algon, brilliant stuff, pet friendly an kind to plants an grass, and no power washing!
Keep animals away from this to it’s fully dried, very dangerous stuff, it’s like acid.
How soon can pets wail on patio after treatment Tony
How long is the ingredient active for? I remember reading that bleach once applied, only lasts for about 5 minutes. I ask because my patio is surrounded by flower beds so don't want to sweep the water away too soon and possibly damage my soil/plants!
I can't believe what I've just seen I thought I will never be able to get rid of this black spots of my Indian sandstone slabs. Pressure washing got rid of green stuff only Thank you. Thank you. Thank you !
I just use my petrol jet washer patios come brand new without any chemicals. I also have a 20" rotary but this isn't mad enough to remove lichen because a rotary has 2 jet nozzles so half the power of a gun lance.
just tried some for the first time..little test patch , its took the black off almost instant but grey lichen isnt touched at all...what am i doing wrong , its 12-15% tried neat (was planning to use 50/50) thanks-good video
hi, i have my lawn next to the patio slab will it kill the grass. Or is there anyway i can use it without killing my grass. thank u.
my patio meets up to the lawn...does it damage the grass ? thanks for the video , i wonder if this is what the wet and forget type products are
Would that work getting the crap left on the wall of my house,,I have just took loads of ivy of my new house and it has left loads of crap like bits of foots and tiny root hairs on my bricks
whats it like on decking?
I have been looking for common products that contains sodium hypochlorite and realized that household bleach is about 3% sodium hypochlorite. Not that it will be cost effective but in a pinch using straight bleach is close in ratio to your mix. Hopefully this comes in handy for someone.
Sweep in some polymeric sand into the joints and wet the area down. When it dries, the sand Wil be hard as cement and will stop weeds from re-growing.
can i clean a roof title with sodium hypochlorite ?
It's lichen not algae
Does this remove oil stains from driveway
Very useful and informative, many thanks.

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