What's better? Buying land or an apartment

What's better? Buying land or an apartment

Nonsense ppl on channel any small kids will tell that land is always appreciate and apartments always depreciate
@smartcity bhubaneswar international level world class Township project coming soon. 2000 multiple times prices increase in last 30 years. 30 multiple times prices increase in last 10 years. Best place investment money buy apartments in @smartcity bhubaneswar. World highest speed development city @smartcity bbsr
Nonsense, best way is to ask someone owning an apartment purchased 10 yrs back and the current market price
My grandfather brought a land at bbsr at 3000 it be now it's 2.4cr😄
nice informaation
Half the video is intros.
The apartment is better because there is a fixed income month after month. Land has no such income and its value increase is based on a host of factors, most of which are out of control of ones hand.
All the panelists sell apartments and people are asking them if it's good to buy one. The stupidiest thing I've come across today.

Apartments are the worst investment you can make in present times.
There is investment opportunity at North Bangalore just @890 per sqft. For more info contact-7338155780
This whole drama is orchestrated to simply glorify those who advertise on the channel.

Fancy talk, plastic smiles, music, etc etc etc is all meant to entrap fools... They teach this in MBA
Is this video for property show or for introduction of news channel people?
Their business is to sale flats and so they are doing here. if people will start buying land parcels then these people will have to sit at home.
I'm fed up of their fake accent.... disgusting.. they think they have taken birth by mistake in India. only anshul Jain is genuine personality here.
apartments in India are a toxic product.. only banks and builders make money out of it. Do not touch it. Buy land, build a house. The average age of an apartment is 15 years and you don't have ownership of the land, so no tear down value. For simplicity sake assuming the average age of the house you build is also 15 years-- at the end of 15 years, you still hold the land on which you can rebuild or sell it.

And one more thing ... DO NOT take a home loan.. the loans are amortized. For a 80 lakhs apartment you will end up shelling out 2 crores by the end of 30 years @ 9% interest. 1.2 crores of just interest... let that sink in.

Apartment rents in India are 2% of the property value, it makes sense to rent than to buy if you cannot build your own house.
they are all wrong the land is better
most of middle class indian will never be able to afford apart or land
is it allowed for non Indians to own an appartment in Chennai
out of 7 mins of videos 3 mins went in intro n initial music
what is the carpet area for 1690 sq ft. is loading is 1.50 allowed. i purchased a flat in indiabulls agreement carpet area 1007.18. service area 37.45,dry yard 16.25, saleable carpet 1126.43, loading 1.50. saleble area 1689.65. final saleable area 1690.
here are unable to buy a flat coz of its prices and people made it investment business.... society should reconsider about it....

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