What is the Most Profitable Herb to Farm? [OSRS] An Oldschool Runescape Farming Guide!

What is the Most Profitable Herb to Farm? [OSRS] An Oldschool Runescape Farming Guide!

rannar is 44 k A SEED lmao
I feel bad because of the other comments, but I haven't seen anything on it or any other videos on it and i just want to throw this out there. I am 99 farming and with the skill cape and the magic secateurs I tested doing runs with torstol's and was making filthy amounts of money. With the worst RNG possible I made 40k in a run if a couple of them died, with the best run being 400k+ profit with pro RNG and keep in mind I am just using the 4 basic herb patches (ardy, draynor, catherby, and near port phastasmys or w-e). 1 seed is 80k rounded up and ive got 50-60 herb yield from just 4 patches several times. I think the absolute min you can get is 7 herbs per patch, so 28 herbs at 11.5k ea is 322k total and the total spent on seeds and ultracompost is 170k max rounded up, which leaves 152k profit min if none die. Just as easily it is possible to get 15+ herb yield from each and 4(15) x 11.5k = 690k so then 690k - 170k = 520k profit. And if i am correct, the higher the level herb the more yield and the lower the chance of disease in comparison to lower level herbs, with the difference gradually reducing to near zero at level 99.
Avantoes are the best, 900gp for one seed, 3k for one herb that’s already like 14k profit per seed if you use your figure avaeragig 5 herbs per patch. And if it dies you only lose 900gold non like rannars or snaps 30-40k
what the hell is a tree run ~~~

fr tho which trees do i grow
Your average is lower than mine. That rng is weird. I get 6-7 per seed with supercompost. If youre not using supercompost you should...helps with herbs dying a lot. especially with toadflax. That's what I do and its easy passive. Working on the disease free patch from my arms big adventure. Canf wait for the profit for that :).
I like avantoe a lot, cost me 950gp per seed for me, each farm run made 110k to 140k
Honestly I switch it up between ranarr or snapdragon depending on whether i need prayer pots or super restore, either way i make almost 100k per 5 allotments.
Hey could u please do another video detailing the order of profitable herbs eg most profitable to least profitable but with ultra compost this time
This video doesn't seem accurate at all. Toadflax, lantadymes, and kwuarms are only more profitable than ranarrs if your patch dies or if you only get 5 herbs, which is the bare minimum you can get from a single patch assuming magic secateurs are used. At 6 herbs ranarrs are slightly better, and at 7+ ranarrs become far more profitable than any other herb. Virtually very source I can find puts the average yield per patch at 6.5 - 7 herbs, even when including the chance of disease, making ranarrs the clear winner. This is especially the case considering you can get 2 disease free patches now, with the addition of Zeah.
ranarrs are the best, you said average herbs gained is 5 per run, that is wrong
How come you think you only get 5 herbs per seed?..
What about avantoe?
I was going with rannar for a long time as well because that was the video that i watched from you on how to maintain free membership but once i started getting like 12-13 weeds per 5 patches i knew that i have to do something else... and thats where toadflax came in. You will make profit with toadflax EVEN IF 4 out of 5 patches will die which never happens while with ranarr you only brake even with 4 patches.
toads don't sell fast at all compared to the other herbs.
every 77 torstol seeds i make about 2m gp lol... been doing that for years now
Avantoe seeds are a really good sweet spot in terms of gp and exp
you said you didn't count herbs dying because it doesnt matter? How does it not matter? If rannar dies I lost 38k on seed if kwuarm dies I lost 1.9k on seed.
thank you for making this guide :) I appreciate it more than you can image!
This math is wrong, and almost every other math includes maximum and highest, hes assuming lowest possible herb count , if you take into account the higher cost of ranarrs per herb is multiples higher than the others meaning averaged from other calcs at 7.5 ranarrs still comes top or close to most times.
Just sayin, ranarrs still king

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