Clark Harris Womens Jersey  What If Everybody Lived In the Same Building? (Part 2)

What If Everybody Lived In the Same Building? (Part 2)

The York minster not cathedral
More arcologies, all around the world, would be ok, I love the concept. But not only one, because it's not the smartest strategy to put all your eggs into one basket. A single disaster could end with the world's population. That's why we need to colonize Mars and beyond.
Muslims would blow it up
wow, my brain is dead.
5:22 it’s a lie :(
so pewdiepie will be our neighbour
What if everybody lived in one Toyota Corolla
Feelsbadman, I won’t be alive.
You should do everyone in one country
As Long as my Room is near Real Life Lore then, Sure! I’ll try sweet potatoes
It would be like in that one episode of Doctor Who with that 100 floor satelite
There would be not enough Lebensraum
What if every person that ever lived on Earth lived in one building (100b+ people)
How high do you have to be to come up with this stuff? 🤔
One problem . What about gangs ? What would they rep and which side 🤔
And when we're there on the 23rd century we'd be like "hey what if we all spread out all over the planet? That would be a great idea"
Most people wouldn't agree to living like this
Now we need to hire someone to paint it.
Sweet potatoes for years
How many people actually drink 2 liters a day?

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