What If Everybody Lived In the Same Building? (Part 2)

What If Everybody Lived In the Same Building? (Part 2)

America: big people, big houses.
20 hours to get to ground xd
You forgot something.
How am I gonna play Fortnite...
Like if u agree!
Reply I liked for no reason
If u liked it for no reason
It would be really laggy
90,860 km^2 all one floor, 900 km^2 for everybody's living space? What? which one is correct? i will need that information for my thesis!
your mom gay lol!
You would not be properly nourished if you only ate sweet potatoes as there is no protein, vitamin b12, etc.
Catch I'm alerigct to sweet potato carrots and celery
I’d throw some lit ass parties
Imagine the parking situation!! Rush hour would be a death sentence!
This video makes me feel that 7.5 billion is a small number
I wonder how long it takes to prepare such a video
The best channel so far💗
Uh if ww3 breaks out, and everyone in every country is living in one building, wouldnt we just be bombing our own building?
Then it's easier for religion of peace to grow his roots around.... 😂
And terrorism huh 😌
why yes?
What if the building was no wider than say, the Burj Khalifa? How tall would the building have to be then? Hell, it'd probably reach the moon!
I am a beautiful person who is a bit of a new one

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