Vlog loading cattle

Vlog loading cattle

That is a damn nice semi
How many them fat Charolais fit on a truck like that???
9 minute mark needs a hacksaw.
Just wondering but did yall build those pins and the barn or did yall hire contractors to do it?
Looks at his watch n says its sucks
Poor guy says it sucks lol
Least he washed his wagon for his vlog like goin parade 🙂
20 jaar gedaan. Mooi werk was het.
Good job I want to start farming.
Good job keep it up i want to farming.
What brand of cattle are those
Hey found your farm channel Old MacDonald, really interesting content. If you guys like this video check out the other channel. Thanks again for sharing your time with us Sir!
Nice looking steers and your setup is really practical. Truck got in with plenty of turning space,skid steer to keep the mess up. It sure makes it look easy when you have a proper setup. I was wondering how far of a range is on your drone? It looks like it follows the hauler for a good piece. Thanks for the share Sir and I will be sure to stay tuned. P.S. I am sure you have already but if not grind that bolt off,that hurt no doubt! Good day to you.
Dont hit a bull in the face with a stick or u will turn him wicked
Can you help me know how to start a farming business like yours
bulls i thought they were cows
You’re a busy guy! Love the vids
Hey I saw your video and I liked it. I just made a exploring video, if you could please check it out then that would be amazing! If not I understand :D
Loved this video! Very interesting.. Check out mine! I have different vlogs 😬

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