Victorian Farm Episode I

Victorian Farm Episode I

amish were i live love this . think pull tractor seeder with big team.
The narrator of this series is lovely, but I find that I enjoyed listening to the narrator of the Tudor series even more.
My great grandfather's 4 times back came from is so beautiful there
56:33 "How do you think it's going on so far?" "UHHH" XD The Alex-Peter Choir got me laughing hard! It only goes to show how good of a pair of friends they are!
Lord, whoever does these closed captions, is a right idiot.
I just love how they are using old equipment to restore these places, to be honest I think it’s much better to do that in some case.
Is the coal anthracite or bituminous?
Shit, i'm here after 'Green Valley', this shit is never going to stop now. 😳
Plowing one acre a day is exactly what they said in "Tales from the Green Valley". So no progress in 300 years then?
Just one episode and I'm already hooked! Thanks so much for posting!
Where is Tom?! Yall leave him in the Tudor period?
Ruth is back
Those pheasants in the pantry are hung wrong. Should be hung by the neck.
Ruth shows the Joy of Life in her work.. A Great series.. the Boys are enjoyable in their learning..
Loving this.
Alex Lang so delicious... am i allowed to say that
Did someone say Peter Parker?
Very interesting indeed.
Precisely what's wrong with the English - wonderful leg of Mutton and they freaking BOIL it. Freaking hell :D - (teasing of course)
This show might have been more popular but the players in the show were not TV worthy and unappealing. The woman with the black vampire eyes is not British looking at all.

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