Victorian Farm Episode I

Victorian Farm Episode I

Ruth shows the Joy of Life in her work.. A Great series.. the Boys are enjoyable in their learning..
Loving this.
Alex Lang so delicious... am i allowed to say that
so glad you've uploaded them here! can rewatch!
Did someone say Peter Parker?
Very interesting indeed.
Precisely what's wrong with the English - wonderful leg of Mutton and they freaking BOIL it. Freaking hell :D - (teasing of course)
This show might have been more popular but the players in the show were not TV worthy and unappealing. The woman with the black vampire eyes is not British looking at all.
Would love to see them do a series from the Stuart era.
A YEAR!!! WOW. I watched colonial house and it was only 4 months
I am just wondering, at the beginning of season 1, ep 1. they kept referring to' a year ago' ,can someone enlighten me, did i missed a totally different series?
Just found this series. Absolutely intriguing!! I might be on a binge watch for the next 72 hours!! lol Totally agree with Eric Cartman---what about an IronAge/Medieval Settlement???
I don't understand how 1) the chutneys and ketchups etc don't go back without being in air tight containers and/or being refrigerated, and 2) how those pig bladders don't rot and get absolutely disgusting!
For anyone wondering, here is the order in which the series were produced :
1- Tales from the Green Valley (2005) 1620
2- Victorian Farm (2009) 1837-1901
3- Victorian Pharmacy (2010) 1837-1901
3- Edwardian Farm (2011) 1901-1910
4- Wartime Farm (2012) 1938-1946
5- Tudor Monastery Farm (2013) 1457–1509
6- Secrets of the Castle (2014) 13th century
I just love these guys, I've watched several series with them and have learned so much. Thanks for uploading!
holy shit how advanced, we went from using horse dung to using horse hair for the walls
I'd live there...look at all those toys...all the history..the house is amazing!
That plough is impressive.
VICTORIAN FARM DRINKING GAME! :D :D :D Get together with your fellow history nerds and a bottle or three of mead, and prepare for a Victorian Farm marathon! Pick and choose from the following...

Drink when:
- The narrator says "Victorian style"
- ...Or "cutting-edge technology"
- New animals are brought in
- Alex gets squeamish
- The animals escape
- They slaughter one of the animals to eat it
- "That went better than expected"
- Peter looks like he's about to cry because he loves the animals so much
- Ruth proves she has an iron stomach / is a badass
- How is this not making them ill?
- They express nostalgia for a time when people died of consumption
- Ruth makes something unexpectedly delicious
- Excellent tip you'd consider using today
- Rain ruins everything
- That existed back then?!!

Feel free to add more in comments!
can someone help me with my homework on this i’m gonna have a mental breakdown

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