Vegetable Weapon Challenge! | Shotgun Farmers

Vegetable Weapon Challenge! | Shotgun Farmers

Now it’s fail time
never new conner could sing
Bryan: I will destroy Conner! Highlight of the video: Conner destroying Bryan with a quick scope
Cenner your e pise of shed
No swearing
So funny
3:55 is the most epic chase ever more epic than superhero movies lol
I love Bryan! He is my favorite guy
What is the name of that game
Nice singing con
You guys are amazing to watch, you are so funny. Your editors do a great job too.
DO it again corner vs Bryan
Is this on fail time bc Conner sux and failed the whole game basically
your good
Connor looks like a bogan with the vegetables in his mouth right at the end
What is this game called
Why is this on fail time
This isn’t team edge gaming
Omg you replaced TEG with fail time

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