Vegetable Farm Economics with Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farm

Vegetable Farm Economics with Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farm

Great interview. Finally someone that is truthful and honest about how all of this works.
I really don’t like the dodging manner the owner spoke??? Diego asked several questions regarding pricing and his response was garbage talking in circles!!!
How did he start his beds off i.e with the walk behind tractor? tilling? then he stopped once that was done, then did he just top the beds with compost? I don't understand how when you start a new bed on a rough piece of ground how you can just plant, can someone help please? I understand he flame weeds the beds after etc and broad forks, but I'm asking about the initial start please?
You lost me at19:00, get 16? 16 what?
I really appreciate that diego does not constantly cut him off. Good job.
Good question on first year farming. A lot seems to be seat of the pants. I think it really is exciting. I like Connors comment "be nimble, jump in like his style!
Thank you so much for all the quality information you share
thanks for this upload!
So much valuable information...thank you for sharing.

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