Urban Survival Livestock: Raising Rabbits Part 1

Urban Survival Livestock: Raising Rabbits Part 1

How is it possible for the rabbits to be healthy sitting in the caged there entire life
Do you have problems with sore hocks? I don't see any mats inside cage and do you give your rabbits any veggies or treats?
Is that Terence McKenna?
Dude had his hair dyed but forgot the beard
How bad does the worm bin smell?
Very helpful video
This is fucking disgusting, just because you are raising them for butcher doesn't make it okay to treat then so inhumanity
Hey Doc are you still raising Florida whites ?
Are you still breeding Florida whites ?
Just wondering if you're ever going to make updated video of the rabbit cages
this will be my first summer with meat rabbits. but im worried about fleas. how would i go about treating them and safely eat them? i wouldnt eat them with fleas

Hello my name is Erin and what if the mother rabbit doesn't like u how are u going to check them and clean the box out
Damn why not let them live well before you cruel person kill them. Look at their cages, someone should arrest you. Think about their paws.
Kind of sad that they are in a small dark space.
Breaking glass sound always compels me to play "You may be Right" from the great and not-yet-late Billy Joel. Heh, snowy day + beer makes me an impressionable fucking retard. Good video...definitely gonna take up rabbit raising. Price of meat has gone insane the past few years.
Came back :)
I like your water system, but does it freeze where you are? Does the garage have heat?
What is the name of the watering device
This video is very informative, however the wire cages with no access to the ground don't seem humane to me.
Wire hutches can be really bad for rabbits. Even more so if they have young

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