Urban goats for organic raw milk in a San Francisco backyard

Urban goats for organic raw milk in a San Francisco backyard

Such a good example for her neighbors to witness thanks fir documenting Kirsten
not hating on farmers, but it looked quite stressful with that police sirene for that goat
It's very time intensive...and labor consuming? :) I kid
Does she sell her products
this is the most Nor Cal thing I've seen in a while.
Self absorbed woman with too many animals on too little space.
06.21 goat wheelie
Btw, for the haters who say the goats live in a confined space. The space they have is more than enough. What you see is an illusion of tightness because they live in the city. Goats and chickens and other small farm animals do not need to live in huge space like cows and horses. Those goats are living the good life.
Awww. That's very sweet. I can tell you love your goats. They're living the good life. How many goats can boast of city life. :)
What is the "cheating" device?
Most pygmy goats produce far more milk than that, must be old
Love that bum crack.  Goat milk is good for maintaining a healthy weight.  This lady is in top shape.
Im a good judge of character and I would say you are a gem...
It is commendable you have figured out a method to do this operation. It is obviously bringing you pleasure and really this is what life is about. Yes, you can go buy the cheese but the satisfaction and pleasure comes from being a person that can do this sort of craft. My hope for you is you dont get neighbors that are haters.
Wonder how many of the haters buy animal products from the shops?

At least these goats have room to move and regular changes to new areas- front yard and neighbours , as well as regular walks.

People are complaining about these goats the goats looked like they gave zero cares about anything so
I love what she is doing at least she is taking care of them considering all the animals in shelters that wasn't taking good careby there owners and pretty soon we all will have to do backyard farming considering all the cancerous stuff they put in our food
How cruel to keep the 2 goats locked up in that small space. They can't run around, not enough room to play properly or jump on things as goats love to do. Poor things. What else can we expect from selfish humans.
Hi, I was interested in getting fresh goat milk and if you have any I would gladly purchase some!!  I live in SF
Thanks a lot!
goats are amazing for helping with anxiety and kids so goats are amazing i have goats in the city too but i live in oregon 

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