Urban Agriculture in the Philippines

Urban Agriculture in the Philippines

Inlove ako.
kumusta po Gng. Liezel Jose, na inspired po ako sa video na to. ask ko lang po di po ba sa subdivision kau nkatira anong tubig po gamit mo sa aquaponics , fresh water po ba(deep well) o NAWASA. maraming salamat po in advance.
Where can we purchase that plant here in cebu?
mam attend me ng training if mrn po
3:18 anung tawag ng vertical na paso? san ako makakabili?
I've heard, if you have questions/concerns, call/text: Spread Organic Agriculture Philippines @ 09178472639
I want some body work whith me if he have exprins my contory KSA wa00966543860603
magkNo po cost ng ganyan aquaponics pag gnyan set up interested po aq
The environment is also toxic for the rabbit because of the flies,worms,etc and the gas emitted by the compost.
I really hope that the rabbit cages are just temporary. They are way too small.
where can we avail those big containers?
salamat po!
ang galing naman. yan din pangarap ko ung market sa loob ng village. kaso hanggang paso lang ako kc maliit lang space ko.
grabe ang galing
indoor farming po Yan mam may calamansi tree Din kayo ???
Sana may pagkakataon na maituro sa mga Tao sa Provincia ang backyard gardening para malaman Nila ang
saan po pwede makabili ng green plastic containers?...
I am practitioner of organic agriculture..can I ask for your contact no. pls text it to my no. 09277475215 I wish to know more about aquaponic
very awesome wish everyone do, however @4:09, its not so good having soil against your house, be a good idea to place some wood / timber there for a barrier.
where to order that big plastics?

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