Clark Harris Womens Jersey  University of Queensland

University of Queensland

what are you studying in
Survey for UQ students. Know its a long shot but need it for my project lol
I loved.
This is a great video!
I have the opportunity to study the second year of my Bachelor in Management there. I could also go to University of Michigan. What do you say? Should I do it? I can also choose to do only half year...
Can you do a dorm tour
you deserve a lot more subscribers. (:
What are the basic requirements for MBA
Like the way you edited this vid 💗💕
I'm only in year 8 but I really want to go to UQ. Last year, I got mostly Cs and Bs and one A+ for Japanese, but, this year after going to UQ on a school tour, I have wanted to go ever since, so I have been working harder and upping my grades and haven't got one C! This is my dream Uni!!!
Yup fuck ANU I'm transferring to UQ
Did you hail the bus? Lmfao
hopefully im going to this uni july next year 🙏🏼
woah its so surreal seeing places i go everyday in a video
OMG that's my dream college
500th sub!
This is amazing for real, that's huge university.
My cousin studying there !
You’re meant to put your hand out to signal the bus otherwise it won’t stop.
Hii :)) I'm doing a college/university research project and UQ was one of my top choices but I'm confused on a few things

1) What are the school colors (if they have)
2) What are the admission requirements for international students?
3) What is the average cost in USD? (tuition <in & out of state>, housing, fees books, etc)

If anyone knows, please comment/answer because schools in Australia are quite different than the ones in the U.S & I'm hella confused :,(

Srry for the bad grammar & more. It's like 2 am for me rn 😭😂

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