University of Queensland

University of Queensland

Yup fuck ANU I'm transferring to UQ
Did you hail the bus? Lmfao
hopefully im going to this uni july next year 🙏🏼
woah its so surreal seeing places i go everyday in a video
OMG that's my dream college
500th sub!
This is amazing for real, that's huge university.
My cousin studying there !
You’re meant to put your hand out to signal the bus otherwise it won’t stop.
Hii :)) I'm doing a college/university research project and UQ was one of my top choices but I'm confused on a few things

1) What are the school colors (if they have)
2) What are the admission requirements for international students?
3) What is the average cost in USD? (tuition <in & out of state>, housing, fees books, etc)

If anyone knows, please comment/answer because schools in Australia are quite different than the ones in the U.S & I'm hella confused :,(

Srry for the bad grammar & more. It's like 2 am for me rn 😭😂
How Awesome! Looking to apply to Queensland next year! Hope I can make it !
Hello I am Hasibul Islam I am from USA... my GMail address
Wow so nice video... 😊😊
Thanks for the video.This is my dream university to do my MPH 2018. So help me Dear God
UQ 💕😊
hi thanks for the tour around campus, Richelle! Currently doing my research on which universities in Aus I should go for as I will be doing PR & marketing and I'm so indecisive about it!
The english courses aren't actually apart of UQ, they utalise the campus, but its a seperate school. I'm a student here actually studying my bachelor, just an fyi
I love your soundtrack :) ... could you share me the playlist ?
Wow, UQ! I can't wait to continue my study there. I really like your video, but I think the music just too loud ;D
We started feb something like that 😂😂😂what is something like that?

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