Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Undo It: A Jill and Skye Tribute

Undo It: A Jill and Skye Tribute

I don't know carrieunderwood is always good at the song..but I like it more than carrieunderwood at the vid.when she sing it!!so better show Skye x Jill next time at the vid.I like it!!
Thanks, I try!
You are REALLY good at these!!!!
Great video!! ^_^
@KatKit52 actually, i just copied the **** thing off of yu-gi-oh the abriged series, but yes, it was worth the possible copyright issues, lol
@dangercats77 you have a beautiful way with words. XD! i love this video
@justplainweird516 Yes ;D I will, Hey! Stop by my channal if you want to chat ;D
@Dimearl Glad you liked this...can you tell I like Carrie Underwood and Harvest Moon? I'm open to suggestions if you really want to see a certain song in a vid, you'd just need to give me some time for it...Make sure you check out my others and let me know what you think!
me- alright, i just made a carrie underwood vid with skye and jill, and whats this? skye and jill undo it?! ive to to see this! *starts to watch video while drinking apple juice* *spits out apple juice 15 seconds into watching* me- OMG!! NOT THE COMPUTER!! *cleans off screen* me- o.m.g. this is awesome!! *checks out other vids that youve done* HOLY ** ** *** ** ** ** ** ON A ** ** ** ** *** ** SANDWICH!! WITH A SIDE OF ** ** ** * ** ** **!! IM SUBBING TO THIS PERSON RIGHT NAOW!!
@justplainweird516 Alright ;D cant wait to see it^^
@Dimearl glad you liked it...I've already started on another one ;)
*o* your right ;D I love this one also~<33 Once again, great job on the timing and matching the pics to the words!

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