UN Debate on Chemtrails, Weather Modification, SRM

UN Debate on Chemtrails, Weather Modification, SRM

no aluminum no alzheimers
Monsanto has stop making the corn that makes human sterial
You are a total dip shit if you believe in all this horse shit she is addressing. FAKE NEWS for sure.
She is missing the larger point. The actual motive for spraying is not to combat climate change but rather to harm us. She should bring up the UN's two main global depopulation agendas.
They are spraying the hell out of this today in Los Angeles .. it's really bad today
Insane !
Chemtrails are spraying us down with heavymetal** ( ? eng. word.. ), and shit ( Bio/Gen.) we don`t even know what is.. - Aand, MSM talks about cows fart`s on the field, and it`s a bad thing that we exhale Co2, and we should pay for it.. WTF

And, yet Nobody in MSM, or elsewere, are saing a word about this in public.
Google: Major paper by respected scientist states Chem-trails are real and toxic to human health Dr. Herndon
What do you want to bet Monsanto is developing "low photosynthesis" seeds?
1. Its not a debate its a monologe 2. Its not proof its anecdotes with nothing to support them. If i talk about the santa in a Youtube clipp its not proof its theory.
Proof our military will not defend us, anyone says chemtrails are contrails should be shot.
Can't find on UN website.
Wether this is true or not, you c keep saying 'they', it us we are the ones that comes into power and governments, us the people! WE must change things, and stop polluting. Especially us the consumers of everything, have a lot of power to change the world, if we stopped consuming. And dont telle me you cant live without a cellphone, or without a car or whatever, we have the power!
Dubbed over?
Well, I guess the debate over whether or not chemtrails are a conspiracy theory is over huh?
It is infuriating that she calls them "persistent jet contrails" while mentioning chemicals. Call them what they are...chemical trails...CHEMTRAILS.
All you people should see
weatherwar101..............on youtube
and see a lot much bigger picture . If you love life, this earth, your children,Animals.....get this information out as it will not be on mass news t.v.
lets git er done    time to join the hero's                             love to all
SRM is Solar Radiation Management?
thanks for this video

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