Ultimate Gaming Mix 5.0

Ultimate Gaming Mix 5.0

Too much ads
10 pub x) tanks adblock !
thanks for monetizing it, really helps.
9:53 is the best for me
omg that helped me on the JP of the Halloween Event this year this mix i was so fu*****ing concentrate
Bad mix, no flow or theme just random crap to pump up your blood pressure.
1 hour?
Right click -> LOOP
Got A+ with Ziggs... damn
I listen to this to bring back meemories
This is a great song while defeating Argus with the horde and alliance on wow it inspire that last stand when to sworn rental ban together to save the future of life
BDO Grind
seems like Im the first commentor in 3 years
10:24 😍😍😍😍
heyyyy thats pretty gud
thanks zaid alimat
This look's (Also the picture.) inspired by Guild wars, but i guess there is many similar MMo's.
the demons

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