Clark Harris Womens Jersey  Best Of Amazing Tractors Stuck In Mud

Best Of Amazing Tractors Stuck In Mud

Nu cumparati tractoare cu șenile
Dj Bhai😎😎😎😎😍😍😍
Ta porra
The moral of the story is don't operate a John Deere; apparently they are mud magnets.
ভালো লেগেছে
Anybody else always look at the tread to see if the tires are the right way around?
upload a video of bulldozers stuck in deep water
Why do they try to work up a muddy field? DUMBASSES.
Valtra from fking finland
9:30 that ladies and gentlemen is what roughly a million dollars looks like lol
So many K700s. I thought i was watching an spintires video
When your rim is spinning inside your track, that can't be good.
4:30 the guy waving his arm made all the difference.
is it a Polish thing
That aint no mud, thats a sink hole
So far... John Deere isn't looking so good. Not a good advertisement 😒
2:00  Spinning that driver inside the track sure is effective.   smdh   Probably really good for the track itself.
I’m stuck now watching this video this did not help 😂

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